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Latest (Q4 2008) Maps Now Available for iGO 8 and iGO 2006

pocketgpsworld.comNavNGo have today launched the very latest (Quarter 4 - 2008) maps for devices running iGO My way 2006 Plus and iGO 8.

Over 60 updated maps are now available on www.naviextras.com for the iGO 8 PDA software and more than 30 navigation devices (PNAs) using the iGO 8 platform.

Updates for the older software iGO My way 2006 Plus are available for more than 40 countries. Full Europe maps, as well as a greatly extended network of roads in 12 Eastern European countries, including Russia, are downloadable from http://my.navngo.com.

Posted by wladi on Sun Mar 29, 2009 8:10 pm Reply with quote

big thx!!

Posted by mxmaciek on Fri Apr 10, 2009 6:34 pm Reply with quote

Let's take a look at the TA United Kingdom 2008.10 090218.fbl
Anybody got it? Well if yes, take a look at the file size.
There are two possibilities: size of 84 927 628 or 104 971 416.
Which is working? Both. What is the difference? The bigger one supports 7 signs in postal code search, while the first does not.
What to do if you got the smaller version, and you want to have this 7-signs postal code feature on?
Ask NavNGo, because I have no bloody idea, maybe this is another example of their strange policy Confused

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