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LECHAL Launch SatNav Shoes

Article by: maft
Date: 17 Apr 2014

Five years and sixteen days ago the online retailer of all things cool, Firebox, released the 'SATNAV Shoe' - this was of course a very well put together April Fools joke though.

However, thanks to Indian Tech firm Ducere Technologies, the SatNav Shoe is now a reality (although not quite as extravagant as the Firebox spoof). The LECHAL (Hindi for 'take me along') shoes and insoles vibrate on the left or the right to signal the way to go. This haptic feedback was designed to be especially useful to those who are visually impaired and would struggle to read a map or smartphone app in a busy street. The team have also designed the LECHAL to be useful for runners and walkers by tracking the number of steps as well as a rough guide to the number of calories burnt.

Available as either a pair of bright red shoes, or as insoles that will fit inside most shoes, the LECHAL links via Bluetooth to a smartphone app (iOS, Android, Windows) for setting up the destination and logging the steps etc.

Because the original idea was to help visually impaired people to get around, each pair of LECHAL that is purchased will help subsidise a pair for a visually impaired person via various institutions around the world.

For more information, or to pre-order a pair for only $100, head over to lechal.com.

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