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Justice Secretary Promises GPS To Track Paedophiles

Article by: rob brady
Date: 22 Oct 2012

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has announced that GPS tracking of criminals and paedophiles will be trialled in the UK to address the threats posed to children.

The news comes as the country remains gripped by the developments concerning the investigation into the actions of Jimmy Savile and claims of child abuse which have arisen since his death.

Speaking on behalf of the proposal, Grayling expressed his horror at recent stories surrounding child abuse and explained that GPS could be a vital tool in tackling this crime.

Grayling explained the tracking would enable those working within law enforcement to "know whether a paedophile was, for example, hanging around the school gates" - enabling them to take preventative action in order to protect children.

Offenders who are considered at highest risk of re-offending or who have been involved in serious crimes such as those mentioned above would naturally be the prime focus of the initiative, although it would be in no way restricted to this group of criminals.


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Posted by Guivre46 on Mon Oct 22, 2012 6:23 pm Reply with quote

I think people underestimate the number of sex offenders, each police force has hundreds, every London Borough has hundreds. The resources for real time monitoring of them all cannot be found within budgets that are already being cut. All they can do is monitor a few who are currently ringing alarm bells. With the rest they will be able to retrospectively examine the whereabouts of sex offenders if something does happen. So not a complete answer by any means.

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