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Huge Speed Camera Revenue Pays For More Cameras

Article by: rob brady
Date: 24 Dec 2019


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New South Wales in Australia has collected AUS $157million (84million) in fines from its 155 speed cameras - 110 fixed devices and 45 mobile.

It has been reported that 25 percent of this revenue will be invested in further speed cameras.

The NSW Centre for Road Safety commented: "Forty per cent of our fatalities are speed related and speed cameras work to reduce that trauma. Speed cameras saved lives.'

The Roads Minister said: "Everyone needs to know that fine revenue goes straight into a road safety fund to educate people to not do what they have done wrong in the first place."

He also recently argued that the removal of camera warning signs will save another 54 lives across the state every year.

Road deaths have slightly increased in NSW from last year - 347 compared to 343.

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