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Google Teases Updates To Android Auto

Article by: Darren Griffin
Date: 25 May 2018

Fans of Google powered smartphones may already be familiar with Android Auto, the platform that allows compatible vehicles to display apps and access info via the head-unit. If you haven't, services such as this ,and Apple's CarPlay, allow you to use your phone and its apps in place of the multimedia and navigation options provided by the car.

At Google's recent I/O developer conference the company teased the next version of Android Auto to give developers a head start in preparing to support it.

Google also announced that Volvo will be the first manufacture to build Android Auto into its head-units. Previously Android Auto allowed in-car hardware to 'mirror' a connected phone, but this will forgo the need for a compatible phone at all, integrating Android Auto directly into the vehicle.

Support for larger in-car screens and different orientations and resolutions are all coming. Vehicle specific theming is also on its way, allowing a manufacturer to customise the UI to match its branding and design. And a great many tweaks to things like Playlist and Album support and better messaging. If you already use and like Android Auto then these updates will greatly add to the experience.

Source: Google Developers on YouTube

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Posted by M8TJT on Fri May 25, 2018 7:38 am Reply with quote

Make it even more useful if they would Bluetooth Android Auto to the car instead of the stupid USB (slow charge) cable.

Posted by Darren on Fri May 25, 2018 7:40 am Reply with quote

M8TJT Wrote:
Make it even more useful if they would Bluetooth Android Auto to the car instead of the stupid USB (slow charge) cable.

You can already use wireless connectivity in some vehicles. It requires manufacturer support though. IIRC VW offer it now.

Darren Griffin - Editor

Posted by inthe128 on Fri May 25, 2018 8:51 am Reply with quote

I used Carplay for a couple of years, Apple Maps was not interesting to me, so the lack of third party apps for Carplay was a problem. I decided to try an Android device end of last year and so far thats been a good experience.

Android Auto was also on my aftermarket head unit and that experience has been good also, Google Maps is a standard nav app to use for most people and I can also get Waze on the system, so for me its been a good experience, I feel I get some choice in apps to use.

Agreed with the wireless comment, its a pity, but I understood that the car needs to be able to do it, from Carplay to Android Auto I feel AA gives me much more, gives me some choice, very happy with it.

in the 128

Posted by M8TJT on Fri May 25, 2018 10:29 am Reply with quote

My Honda has a built in wireless charger, so it's a bit pointless having to connect a USB cable as well to use Android Auto. Rolling Eyes

Posted by Darren on Fri May 25, 2018 10:39 am Reply with quote

My current i3 lacks any form of CarPlay or Android Auto. And in true BMW fashion, the current i3 update has it but it's a 200+ extra subscription to enable!!

The i3's replacement, due in August, a new Leaf, has CarPlay and Android Auto but, sadly, no wireless charging and as it doesn't support wireless CarPlay I can live with plugging it in. Your case is more annoying, wireless charging but no support for wireless connection seems a short sighed omission but then I did hear a suggestion that VW paid extra to have exclusivity on this for a period.

Looking forward to getting CarPlay though, I predominantly listen to Apple Music or Podcasts so having access to them via the headhunt will be a step forwards.

Darren Griffin - Editor

Posted by M8TJT on Fri May 25, 2018 1:54 pm Reply with quote

I can BT to the car for phonebook/calls etc and it will read aloud texts and let me speak an answer text (Haven't actually tried the latter). But not AA.
As you say, nearly wireless, but not quite.
Must have a dig at my Honda dealer. After all, I paid a lot of money for the car, only to be tied down with a bit of electric string. Rolling Eyes

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