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Getac introduce a rugged PDA with GPS

pocketgpsworld.comAt Mobile World Congress last week iMate launched a ruggedised PDA, this week for CeBIT Getac announce a ruggedised PDA. Is this becoming a trend, or have they just seen how I handle my test devices :P

The new Getac PS535F is a PDA rather than a smartphone, but is a product from the Mitac stable. This devices is targeted at outdoor surveyors, and comes complete with 3MP camera, alitmeter, and an electronic compass. From a wireless point of view it has bluetooth and WiFi (b/g). Storage is 128Mb main flash with an additional 2Gb flash onboard, and the device runs Windows Mobile 6.1


The official Getac press release:
Getac introduces the new fully rugged GPS PDA PS535F with camera, altimeter and E-compass

Getac''s new generation GPS PDA enables pinpoint positioning and instant visual data capture for GIS surveying applications.

Telford, England, (insert date) 2009 -- MiTAC Technology Corporation, specialist rugged mobile computer manufacturer, is set to unveil the latest offering from its comprehensive portfolio of rugged solutions, the Getac PS535F, a next generation fully rugged GPS PDA featuring an auto focus camera, altimeter and E-compass. These new features will enable field-based employees to capture field data on-site and transmit data back to headquarters in real-time, as well as provide pinpoint navigation support to improve location based productivity.

The PS535F is perfectly designed for GIS surveying applications across different sectors, including; utilities, oil and gas, forest patrol, and surveying and mapping of geology and mineral resources. The built-in 3 mega pixel auto-focus camera enables instant visual data capture in the field, and the VGA touch screen display with sunlight readable technology enhances the viewing quality of graphic intensive files and detailed maps. To enhance its navigation support, in addition to built-in GPS, the PS535F also offers built-in altimeter and E-compass, allowing pinpoint positioning of longitude, latitude and altitude, as well as providing the directional relation between the targeted subject and the user''s position. The PS535F also features comprehensive wireless connectivity options, including integrated Bluetooth V2.0 and 802.11b/g WiFi. Users can connect the PS535F to a GIS server to transmit data or process data in the field using a Getac Bluetooth modem or a mobile phone.

"Enterprise customers today have come to expect seamless and accurate information exchange between head office and field workers to improve overall operational efficiency and productivity," said Julian Willis, Senior Sales Manager, Getac UK Ltd. "For example, water, oil and gas companies need to send field workers out across the country to perform pipeline safety inspections or maintenance, and the inspection and maintenance reports, including accurate time, location and descriptions, must be transmitted back to the head office in real-time to make dispatch and repair planning; Forest patrols reporting the location and fire hazard conditions to a fire center to assist fire rescue planning is another good example of application for the PS535F."

Getac's PS535F features Window Mobile 6.1 which is compatible with a wide variety of software applications. It boasts a 300gramme lightweight design, 8 hours operational battery power and has been built and tested to withstand rigorous every day use as and use in harsh environments. The Getac PS535F is compliant with MIL-STD 810F and IP54 with safeguards against frequent drops and exposure to water, dust and extreme temperatures. It is optimised for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Getac PS535F Main Features
3.5" VGA Touch Screen Display
533MHz Samsung 2450 processor
Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1
128Mb onboard MDDR
2GB onboard NAND Flash Storage ROM
MIL-STD 810F and IP54 compliant
Embedded GPS Receiver
3 Mega Pixel On-Board Camera
Altimeter and E-Compass
Integrated Bluetooth V2.0 and 802.11b/g capability
Sunlight Readable Display solution (optional)
8 Hours Battery Life
Dimensions: 144.25mm x 82.25mm x 29.3mm
Weight: 300grammes

Posted by alanlakes on Tue Mar 03, 2009 5:24 pm Reply with quote

Is this the answer to those of us who have Memory Map or Anquet maps and use them on a PDA - which will not like getting rained on or dropped.


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Posted by mikealder on Tue Mar 03, 2009 5:36 pm Reply with quote

It will be interesting to see the price of the device as it is probably aimed at warehouse/ profesional usage rather than strolling around the hills. The last Getac model I looked at was in excess of 700 and it was a very similar spec device. This one has quite a few new bells and whistles so it could be around the same price - Mike

Posted by HuttonIT on Fri Mar 06, 2009 10:10 am Reply with quote

You were correct it may be expensive but $999? see wrong it is $999... See HERE Crying or Very sad

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