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Destinator 9 Announced

pocketgpsworld.comIntrinsyc has announced the launch of Destinator 9.

Destinator was once upon a time a popular turn-by-turn navigation application and was at one point 'the' application of choice.

It could be found on a wide range of devices including major brands such as Acer but fell by the wayside in the battle for supremacy.

Last year Intrinsyc bought the brand and Destinator 9 is the end result. The entire product has been given a complete makeover and although detailed information is scarce, Instrinsyc are claiming support for a wide range of platforms including PocketPC, WinCE, Symbian, Linux and Android.

Posted by JayWilly on Thu Jun 11, 2009 8:13 am Reply with quote

Does anyone know when D9 will be on sale in the UK?

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