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Council Workers Scupper Speed Camera

Article by: rob brady
Date: 31 Aug 2016

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A static speed camera on Caister Road, Great Yarmouth has been rendered useless by council workers not following the correct procedure.

During resurfacing in June this year, the sensor strips in the road were covered with tarmac. This left the camera inoperative for two months.

Apparently it happened during a changeover from a Gatso camera to a Truvelo device. Gatsos use radar to check speed, while Truvelos use piezo electric strips in the road.

A spokesman for Norfolk County Council commented: "There is usually a tried and tested system for contractors to follow when carrying out road repairs at sites where safety cameras exist. This has worked successfully for a number of years, but in this particular case involving a new kind of camera it's clear that the system has not worked."

He added: "We will therefore be talking to the Safety Partnership shortly, to ensure we do better in future."

A spokeswoman from the Norfolk and Suffolk Camera Partnership said: "Norfolk County Council tend to tell us in advance of resurfacing work. But on this occasion it didn't happen."

Workers have now added new strips, and the camera has now been reactivated.


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