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Call For City Wide 25 Mph Limit

Article by: rob brady
Date: 14 Jan 2020


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A bicycle coalition has called for city-wide speed limits in Atlanta, Georgia to be reduced to 25mph.

Rebecca Serna, the executive director of Atlanta Bicycle Coalition has joined an ever growing worldwide movement calling for lower limits.

She says: "Why does this matter? Lower speeds save lives, period. The likelihood that a person walking will be killed or seriously injured when hit by a driver goes up drastically with a minor increase in speed, according to a report by AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety."

She added: "The numbers are even worse for older people and children. What’s more, people driving at slower speeds are less likely to crash in the first place, because they have more time to react and slow down. Slower speeds reduce wear and tear on vehicles and streets, and reduce emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases."

Serna does point out that a City of Atlanta reduced speed limit would not cover interstate highways, parkways, and other state routes that are controlled by the state.

She see the limits as being monitored by speed cameras and believes that the increased use of cameras will help reduce "the potential for discrimination in enforcement."

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Posted by M8TJT on Tue Jan 14, 2020 3:23 pm Reply with quote

I propose that pedestrians should keep off the roads and not walk out in front of traffic with their heads buried in their phones and their music deafening them at least enough to be totally oblivious of what is going on around them. And that cyclists should refrain from weaving in and out of traffic at high speed (for a bike).
I wonder how much support I will be able to whip up for that?

Posted by Kremmen on Tue Jan 14, 2020 3:35 pm Reply with quote

I have no issue with whatever they want to do in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Posted by M8TJT on Tue Jan 14, 2020 4:37 pm Reply with quote

Nor have I. I am just anti pedestrians ans anti bike when they inflict themselves on my road space that I have to pay for every year without any consideration for anyone else may be trying to use the space that they decide that they will have regardless..

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