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Bosch creates touchscreen with haptic feedback

Article by: Darren Griffin
Date: 12 Nov 2015

We've seen haptic touch in a touch screen demonstrated many times, the first way back at CES over 10 years ago. But it's clearly a difficult thing to actually produce in a commercial product as none yet exist.

There are a number of different technologies being investigated but all have the same end goal, fooling your fingers into sensing the presence of a button on a flat touch screen. Bosch's solution is able to imitate rough and smooth textured buttons and enable your fingers to sense their location and even delineate the edges so you can navigate from one button to the next without having to look at the screen.

For anyone who has tried to interact with a touchscreen in a car you'll realise how valuable this is, Tesla owners in particular.

In addition the Bosch system uses pressure sensitivity to detect unintended screen presses, such as when you hit a bump in the road. Other UI elements can be defined to use pressure as a method for speeding up a scroll or to zoom in/out etc.

It's interesting science and offers a solution that is desperately needed, but this is yet another technology demonstration with no word on when we will see this in a commercial product.

Source: bosch-presse.de

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