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Birmingham and Solihull Camera Sites Reactivated

Article by: rob brady
Date: 8 Aug 2016

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Nine camera sites have been reactivated in Birmingham and Solihull as part of a 21-month evaluation.

They were originally switched off three years ago in a 1m a year money saving exercise.

Birmingham City Council say that their decision to reinstate the nine cameras took into account the number of crashes and casualties around the camera sites.

Source BBC:
Birmingham locations:
A38 Bristol Road approaching Speedwell Road - into city
A456 Hagley Road approaching Norfolk Road - out city
A456 Hagley Road approaching Rotton Park Road - into city
A4540 New John St West approaching Hospital St - towards A38
A4540 New John St West towards Hockley Circus - towards Hockley Circus
A34 Newtown Row near New John St West - out of city
A45 Coventry Road at exit from Swan Island underpass - into city
Solihull locations
B425 Lode Lane (between Henley Crescent and Moat Lane)
B4114 Bradford Road / Chester road (in the vicinity of the junction)


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Posted by pembertronics on Mon Aug 08, 2016 12:02 pm Reply with quote

Hi ,

these are not statics that have been switched on they are now average speed cameras.


Posted by Wazza_G on Wed Aug 10, 2016 6:01 pm Reply with quote

Obviously they're running a little low on fund in Birmingham City Council, especially after that very expensive law suit that they lost.

So the money's got to come from somewhere so the motorist is an easy target.

Be alert.. This country needs more lerts.

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