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A90 Camera Decision Questioned

Article by: rob brady
Date: 11 Nov 2017

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It has been claimed that the average speed cameras on the A90 Stonehaven and Dundee road would not historically have prevented scores of crashes.

Referencing police data, Scottish Conservatives say that 124 of 272 accidents over the last four years would have not likely been helped by the cameras.

North-east MSP Liam Kerr "This information would have been available to the Scottish Government before they commenced a costly programme of installing average speed cameras along the whole dual carriageway. They did not bother to do this analysis themselves, which is verging on negligence."

Referring to incidents at junctions, private entrances and roundabouts, he added that: "far more" accidents happens where vehicles are likely to be "slow-moving and certainly not fast enough to be detected by cameras".

However, the chairman of north-east transport partnership Nestrans and deputy leader of Aberdeenshire Council Peter Argyle, argued that "The difficulty with junctions, particularly with a busy road, is that people have to cross them. If they are sitting waiting for a long time there's a temptation to take a chance. If traffic is driving at 80/90mph, the chance could prove fatal."

A spokesperson for Transport Scotland said: "The 2million investment in A90 average speed cameras is a cost effective example of how we are aiming to make our roads safer in the north-east. Similar schemes in Scotland have shown the significant road safety benefits this technology delivers, from improved driver behaviour, fewer speeding offences, fewer fines for drivers and helps to achieve our ultimate vision of zero fatalities through reduced numbers of serious injuries on our roads."


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