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A90 Average Speed Cameras Ticket Thousands

Article by: rob brady
Date: 8 Feb 2019


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The speed cameras on the A90 in Scotland ticketed more than 9,600 drivers in 2018.

The point-to-point cameras on the 50-mile Dundee-Stonehaven section also captured one motorist who was driving at 132 miles per hour.

The local Liberal Democrat Member of Scottish Parliament, Mike Rumbles commented: "What people want to know is whether the average speed cameras are stopping accidents and saving lives. I have asked the minister to provide that information but so far he has refused."

He added: "It's clear that average speed cameras have not been the cheap and easy silver bullet that the Scottish Government had hoped. We desperately need long-term investment in safety on the A90, particularly on improving bad junctions where poor visibility and driver frustration can cause accidents."

A Transport Scotland spokesperson said: "Better speed limit compliance leads to fewer camera detections, fewer speeding offences and fines for drivers, and ultimately fewer people being killed or injured on Scotlandís roads. Before average speed cameras were introduced on the A90, 3-in-5 vehicles were speeding. Now 99-in-100 vehicles are complying with the speed limit on the A90."

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Posted by Graculus on Sun Feb 10, 2019 2:13 pm Reply with quote

Being from the south of England, don't travel that way often. But went Aberdeen to Forfar (and back) last October, and it seemed that the 70 limit was being stuck to pretty well. There's even one point where the limit comes down to 50 for a particular junction, which has average speed cameras covering the whole stretch, just to encourage people to slow down. Same, too with the A9 (also part of my circuit round the Cairngorms). Mind you, was on Sunday mornings, so traffic light.

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