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A1 Dummy Speed Cameras Removed

Article by: rob brady
Date: 8 Nov 2019


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The Beeston, Bedfordshire dummy speed cameras have been removed after a year in service.

Mike Lacey, 73, set up a realistic copy of four speed devices from yellow drainage piping to deter drivers speeding past his house on the A1.

He previously refused a request from Central Bedfordshire Council, via Highways England, to remove the devices.

He said that a real camera nearby which has been recently uncovered (not necessarily activated though) was now "having the desired effect".

He also said that he removed them as he believes that drivers now know that they are fakes.

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Posted by marksfish on Fri Nov 29, 2019 1:21 pm Reply with quote

It would seem (I cannot be 100% certain though) that only the cover has been removed from the camera and it is not re- activated. I qualify that statement by having seen the mobile van a couple of times recently, only 100 metres upstream of the camera in question. Surely they wouldn't waste valuable resources?

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Posted by M8TJT on Fri Nov 29, 2019 2:40 pm Reply with quote

They certainly do in Sussex. My local speed camera at 50.84663, 0.47478 fairly frequently has a mobile van parked in its hard standing to trap those who know about it, come over the hill at more than 40MPH and slow down for the camera and receive a NIP in the post shortly after (I assume).
And the fixed cam is the newer digital 'phone home' ones, so no film to develop so not a lot of doubt as to whether it's working or not.

Posted by marksfish on Fri Nov 29, 2019 4:49 pm Reply with quote

From Google Maps, this is the view from just in front of the camera, in the 2nd lane.

The dummy cameras used to be fitted on the barn wall of the house on the left. 3 cars in front (2nd lane) brings you almost level to where the van would be when it is present. I would say that as you are in the camera markings, the potential (if it is working) is to be zapped twice for the same offence.

The second image shows just how much closer to the van you would be at the end of the camera markings.

I wouldn't want to test the theory that the static isn't working, but from this I would hazard a guess it isn't. the camera doesn't look new, so I would imagine, just as the one the other side and further South at Caldecote, they are still wet film.

Garmin Drivesmart 51 LMT-D Europe

Posted by marksfish on Fri Nov 29, 2019 4:53 pm Reply with quote

Although this FOI request of September 2018 does state the S/B camera was reinstated: http://bit.ly/2L4778Q

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