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A Fine Every 25 Seconds

Article by: rob brady
Date: 25 Oct 2017

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Researchers commissioned by The RAC Foundation have reported that Britainís motorists receive a penalty notice every 2.5 seconds.

That equates to 12 million drivers who are handed a fine every year - that's a huge 30 per cent of the UK's 40 million drivers.

However, speed cameras only account for a small part of these figures.

The data concentrated on motoring law fixed penalty notices and civil penalty notice charges such as are issued for parking offences.

In 2015-16 there were approximately

* 8 million local authority penalties,
* 2.5 million local authority bus lane and box junction penalties
* 500,000 late licensing and insurance penalties
* 1 million speeding and red light penalties

There was an overall 1.5 per cent on the previous year's figures.

The report's writer, Adam Snow of Liverpool Hope University, explained the increase saying that "we are getting slightly more cameras" and there are more cars on the road.

A spokesman for the RAC Foundation, said: "While wrongdoing should be punished, millions of motorists are caught for minor misdemeanors while more serious behaviour is undetected."

It was also reported that in 2000, average speed cameras covering a mile of road cost £1.5 million, wheras now it is around £100,000 per mile.


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Posted by Kremmen on Wed Oct 25, 2017 3:19 pm Reply with quote

How many actually pay up ?

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