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40 Percent Of Irish Drivers Say Speeding Is OK

Article by: rob brady
Date: 10 Nov 2015

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A driver attitude and behaviour study that questioned a 1,000 motorists has shown that 40 percent of Irish drivers say speeding over the 100kmh speed limit is acceptable.

The research by the Road Safety Authority - a state agency formed by the Irish Government to promote road safety - also says that over 30 percent admit to only driving more slowly when they see speed cameras and almost 20 percent of drivers are classed as "high-speeding rule violators" in the report.

Road safety officer Noel Gibbons shines a positive light on the stats: "Its a good thing that people are changing their habits. Of the 194 people killed last year, 30% of those fatalities took place in the areas where the safety cameras are. So to get people to adjust their behaviour around those areas will mean less and less lives will be lost."

The report also states that whilst driving:
31% said they had spoken on handheld mobiles
16% said they had texted while driving
11% said they had driven after consuming alcohol in the last year

Those percentages of course only contain those who admitted to their behaviour behind the wheel, the real figures are likely to be higher.


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