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20 MPH Proposal for Wolverhampton

Article by: rob brady
Date: 27 Sep 2019


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Saying that Wolverhampton's Labour council 'do nothing', local Liberal Democrats are pushing for 20 mph roads.

There have been a number of major accidents in the city over the last six months.

They want the lower speed limit introduced to every residential road, but it's reported that they will give residents the opportunity to opt out.

The major arterial roads will not be affected.

Bristol's 20 mph initiative was cited as an example where it is claimed that approximately 170 injuries were prevented and 4 lives a year were saved, saving 15m a year to the taxpayer.

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Posted by Kremmen on Sat Sep 28, 2019 3:16 am Reply with quote

On normal main roads with 2 way traffic with ample clearance 30mph seems fine. The problems arise down these side residential streets, with cars parked both sides, where 30, to me, seems excessive.
These streets wern't designed for the mass parking we see now.

In the past these type of roads did reduce speed by default but these days seems to make no difference and 20 has to be enforced.

At the moment you can often hear vehicles approaching but as more electric vehicles take to the road problems will increase.

Policing this speed reduction is another matter though.

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