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1000s Of Drivers Could Have Prosecutions Reversed

Article by: rob brady
Date: 13 Dec 2014

Thousands of motorists could have their speeding tickets revoked as a result of incorrect road markings. The markings form part of the process that enables some speed cameras to measure the speed of a vehicle.

After receiving speeding a ticket, David Erasmus, 55, noticed that the white road markings related to the camera which caught him looked too close together.

He measured their distance apart and discovered that they were in fact three inches shorter than they should be - meaning that the speed camera would have clocked him going faster than he actually was. He was allegedly speeding at 36mph through a 30mph area.

Erasmus, a former engineer from Hendy in west Wales challenged the markings at Llanelli Magistrates' Court - they formally dismissed the case.

GoSafe, who are responsible for speed camera enforcement in Wales, commented: "The camera and secondary check marks on the A4138 has been fully type approved by the Home Office and the secondary check marks in particular, meet the required tolerance. The outcome of the case is a matter for the Magistrates Courts, however, we are keen to understand the circumstances and will review the case in due course."

The court's decision will of course give the opportunity to those who have been prosecuted, maybe even banned, as a result of the camera in question, to have their cases reopened.

It will also most probably open the floodgates to thousands of others who have been caught by speed cameras across the UK.

I can imagine whole armies of people taking to the roads this weekend to measure the road markings of a camera that caught them - ironically an action that may prove to be a lot more dangerous than speeding past the camera.

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