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TomTom launches traffic cooperation tool

Article by: Darren Griffin
Date: 17 Feb 2017

TomTom have launched a new traffic data sharing tool that will allow selected customers to share and exchange traffic data with cities, authorities and other stakeholders.

Thew new Road Event Reporter is designed to allow the sharing of events such as road accidents, roadworks and other incidents etc with TomTom Traffic users and enables authorities and others involved in road management and maintenance to quickly share and disseminate up to date information on issues that affect road usage and traffic patterns.

Source: tomtom.com

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Posted by Skumba on Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:20 pm Reply with quote

I have been using the Coyote system on the built-in Satnav on my Picasso for the last 2 years with brilliant success in Europe but absolutely abysmal service here in the UK. Coyote, like the new TomTom facility, is totally user-driven, and I don't hold out a lot of hope for it here because it will take a lot of educating of the public here before it begins to be effective.

In France and Holland, where I have seen its benefits, the Coyote system is accurate almost to the metre (39ins for those Imperial purists among us...) showing stopped vehicles, accidents, incidents, queuing. Using my TomTom 5200 in France with Live Services I have found the Coyote much more accurate.

Living in Kent, when I travel towards London, I see the Coyote information slowly die out as the European vehicles entering (or leaving) England give up on updating their drives - accidents, stopped vehicles etc. I have yet to see a Coyote warning of a stoppewd vehicle or accident in England. What a shame.

Let's hope the TomTom system works. The benefits of the Coyote system far outweigh the simple benefits of plain satnav.

IPAQ H2210 in 1993.... GO LIVE 1005 Europe in 2011, updated to a 1005 Camper 2015 to use all the maps I paid for. v970 and TT still can't get metric speed limit info right in the UK. 70mph is NOT 115kmh. It is 113 as my old IPAQ knew so well!

Posted by AliOnHols on Sat Feb 18, 2017 7:15 pm Reply with quote

So, a bit like Waze then?
But, given that it is driven by TomTom and updated by highway authorities and government departments, less accurate?

Garmin Nuvi 2599
Android with CamerAlert, OsmAnd+, Waze & TT Europe.
TomTom GO 730, GO 930, GO 940 & Rider2.
SatMap Active 10.

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