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ViaMichelin launch Version 7 "New Edition" Navigation software

Date 3rd October 2007

Last week Robert and I were invited to Trafalgar Square to see the latest version of ViaMichelin software in action. I was just about to publish this article when ViaMichelin call me and said don't post just yet we have some great news, a new press release will be with you soon.


Well the Press Release arrived and the price of the systems has been slashed... You can pick up a ViaMichelin X-960 for just £119 including tax.


The version 7 software dubbed "New Edition" certainly is new. The interface has changed dramatically and it has networked links back to the ViaMichelin servers and your personal ViaMichelin data.


All of this is backed by the ViaMichelin Advantage program guaranteeing the latest mapping data and free speed cameras (not the PocketGPSWorld.com ones).


You can plan your trips on your PC at home and also create your address book/locations all in the comfort of your own home with a "proper" keyboard. These can then be downloaded to the GPS synchronising via the activesync or via your mobile phone using GPRS. You can have your partner create routes for you which can be downloaded in real time.


Moving on to the device the interface has been completely redesigned and is much more user friendly and simple to use. At the bottom of the screen are two touch menus the one on the left allows fast navigation to either a Petrol Station or a parking garage the one on the right gives the control of the rest of the device.


As you can see from the images the interface is a lot cleaner, and more up to date. It is far simpler to use as well.


As with the previous version the software comes with the Michelin Guides, but these too have been updated.


The software also packs a number of "Driver

Safety" features. The first is free lifetime Speed Camera alerts. These are not the PocketGPSWorld cameras, but you can still load our database on. The next is School alerts, these warn you as you approach schools but only during school hours. The other feature of note is the dangerous bend alert. There are some country roads in Essex that always seem to catch both locals and visitors alike. Having a warning as you approach a sharp bend is a real benefit.


With the integration into the ViaMichelin navigation portal you can download itinaries for tourist routes, or a number of specifically targeted interest groups. We are currently in discussions with ViaMichelin to determine if we can create PocketGPSWorld.com content to be downloaded.


Whilst we were in the ViaMichelin offices we made a short video to give you a flavour of the new software. The sound on the demo is slightly out of sync with the video, trust me, it was not like this in real life :D


Article by Mike Barrett


ViaMichelin satnav software version 7

ViaMichelin satnav software version 7

ViaMichelin satnav software version 7

ViaMichelin satnav software version 7

The official ViaMichelin press release:


PRESS RELEASE: London, 1st October 2007


ViaMichelin announces the launch of its “New Edition” navigation range


Devices feature navigation software upgrade and enhanced ViaMichelin Advantage service offering


ViaMichelin today announces the launch of its New Edition ViaMichelin Navigation range featuring powerful new navigation software designed to improve the user experience across its entire GPS portfolio. The new ViaMichelin V.7 software offers numerous enhancements to deliver more intuitive and user-friendly devices and improved performance across four key areas: navigation assistance, driving safety, comfort and driving pleasure.


Navigation assistance
Offering an improved navigation menu with direct access to key functions and exclusive Michelin Guide content, the New Edition models also include the addition of key information indicators covering battery level, speed and estimated travel times. The New Edition range also benefits from revised graphics and easy access buttons to locate the nearest petrol stations and car parks. The ever popular Point of Interest (POI) function has also been upgraded to enable the location of POIs in three easy steps; category (e.g. Green Guide); location (e.g. GPS position, town/city etc); and sub-category (e.g. museum, restaurant etc).


Driving safety
The new V.7 software also features a number of additional safety-related functions and information. As well as existing safety services (traffic information, safety camera alerts, exceeded speed limit alerts, etc), the new ViaMichelin software offers:

• Dangerous Bend Alert: Signalling an approaching dangerous bend or bends. The new mode will take into account both vehicle speed and the tightness of bends.
• School Alert: Audio warnings to signal approaching school zones: activated only during school hours.
• Roadworks Alert: Warning motorists of approaching damaged or unmade roads or an area undergoing resurfacing work.
• Authorised overtaking area alerts: Signalling legally permitted overtaking zones.
• Tiredness Alert: A warning signal to remind motorists to take a break every two hours.
• Tunnel Mode: Providing automatic adjustments to the brightness of the screen and route simulation in the absence of GPS reception.

Users have the choice of two alert options (voice command or beep) as well as a visual alert appearing on the right side of the screen. Customers also have the option to deactivate alerts if required.


ViaMichelin has reinforced its focus on developing and delivering practical, real-time content and information designed to significantly enhance the practicality of its devices whilst contributing to improving user comfort when travelling. This includes:

• Free 5-day weather forecasts (updated twice a day)
• Road toll locations and information
• Free safety camera updates
• Direct access to all favourite routes and addresses saved in a user’s "My ViaMichelin" account on www.ViaMichelin.co.uk

In addition, a free, real-time traffic information service, available in RDS-TMC format and developed by ViaMichelin to inform motorists of current traffic conditions and alternative routes, is now available for ViaMichelin Navigation X970-T and X-980T devices.


Driving pleasure
The New Edition ViaMichelin Navigation range also features exclusive digital content from the Michelin Green and Red Guides. This includes the addition of over 9,000 tourist photos (rising to 30,000 by 2008) available to download from the ViaMichelin website and covering five countries (Germany, Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom).


Underlining its emphasis on providing unrivalled content and POI information, ViaMichelin now offers free downloads of almost 100 suggested European sightseeing routes (e.g. The Black Forest Ridges, Rhine Valley, The Spanish Basque Coast, Loch Ness, The Algarve, etc) drawn exclusively from the Green Guide database. As well as concise editorial descriptions of each location, each download also details the total mileage and estimated excursion time for each journey, as well as the option to request pedestrian or car mode.


ViaMichelin customers can also now benefit from a series of free event and discovery pack downloads released to coincide with seasonal events, the first of which focuses on this Summer’s Rugby World Cup tournament and features a broad range of POI information including stadia information.


In addition, the latest new feature to increase driving pleasure will be the integration of an MP3 player to listen to music. Quickly accessed via the main menu or during navigation, the player offers fluid interaction between navigation and music.


ViaMichelin Advantage programme
Membership to the ViaMichelin Advantage programme is free of charge and provides customers with access to numerous made-to-measure services designed to complement the ViaMichelin Navigation range. The programme centres on 3 key benefits:

• Up-to-date maps: the guarantee of updated maps for up to 90 days from the original date of purchase, content updates for a period of up to 2 years and exclusive, special offers on European maps.
• A wealth of certified additional content: a guarantee of the latest Michelin Guide editions, free fixed safety camera updates, 100 suggested European tourist routes, a broad range of real-time information (weather forecasts, etc) and a list of thematic POIs.

Increased convergence opportunities with www.viamichelin.co.uk: Enhancements to the My ViaMichelin service means that customers are now able to synchronise devices to directly receive favourite routes and addresses stored in their personal My ViaMichelin account. As well as removing the need to re-input addresses, My ViaMichelin enables customers to share content with family and friends and GPRS connectivity enables customers to synchronise their navigation device with their My ViaMichelin area even en-route.

New Edition devices are available across the entire ViaMichelin GPS range:

ViaMichelin Navigation X-960: Powerful navigation to suit your pocket
Recommended Retail Price: ViaMichelin Navigation X-960 UK: £119 inc. VAT
Recommended Retail Price: ViaMichelin Navigation X-960 Europe: £139 inc. VAT


ViaMichelin Navigation X-970T: super smart navigation
Recommended Retail Price: ViaMichelin Navigation X-970T UK: £139 inc. VAT
Recommended Retail Price: ViaMichelin Navigation X-970T Europe: £169 inc. VAT


ViaMichelin Navigation X-980T: more than just navigation
Recommended Retail Price: ViaMichelin Navigation X-980T Europe: £239 inc. VAT


Since entering the GPS market two years ago, ViaMichelin’s multi-service approach has redefined the way in which its navigation devices are used. This strategy was designed to go beyond the simple concept of “getting from A to B” by offering a range of innovative and exclusive services associated with mobility. Through its product range, ViaMichelin has positioned itself as a constant road travel companion, combining navigation assistance, tourist guide information, safety tips and website convergence.



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