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Pocket GPS UK Safety Camera Database -ViaMichelin Instructions

Click here to go to the PocketGPS Safety Camera Database


ViaMichelin Instructions


PDA info adapted from this post by elan2s

Please see the compatibility table for details of which units these instructions relate to.



Downloading the Pocket GPS Safety Camera Database

  1. Download from Pocket GPS Safety Camera Database page.
  2. Login to PocketGPSWorld.Com and goto the Safety Camera Download page.
  3. Select SatNav System ViaMichelin, choose Continue then choose the database version you wish to use.

For this guide we are using the UK - Consolidated by Type option.


Extracting the Database on the PC

  1. Extract the ZIP file contents to a directory on your PC, e.g. C:\temp
    • In Windows XP right-click the .zip file and select "Extract Files Here..." or use a program such as WinZip or WinRar to extract the files

Resizing the Icons (not required for version 4 and above)


  1. Resize the downloaded bmp icons to 16x16 pixels using a graphic editing program. You can also use MS Paint and 72% scaling seems to achieve this in Image/Stretch-Skew.
  2. Save the icons with your .asc files.
  3. You can reuse the edited icons for future downloads so this only needs to be done once - just remember not to overwrite them with the new downloads!


Add the POI Categories (only required the first time you set everything up)


  • PDA: In Mapstore add the new POI classifications (Gatso, Redlight, Temp, Specs, Mobile, pMobile) and assign the appropriate graphics file. DO NOT DO THIS IN MAPSONIC ON THE PDA.
  • PND: In Content Manager select 'POI Manager' then 'Personal POIs'. Click on 'New Category' for each of the camera types and add the resized .bmp's.


Installing Pocket GPS Safety Camera Database on a PDA


  1. Using POIManager import each of the files from the "asc files" directory. Select the file, associate it with the relevant POI category you have created (ie gatso file to gatso category etc) It will ask you to synchronise after adding each file, say yes and then at the request to sync click cancel and you can add other files so that you do all of the imports in one go.
    • Note that the POI files have to reside on the PDA and not on the memory card to work (reports suggest this is no longer the case for v4). This process also copies over the graphic files associated with the POIs. You do not need to copy them over to the PDA seperately
    • In the PC application if you zoom below level 6 then you will see the icons on the map and this is a good way of checking the import process has been successful.
  2. In vM on your PDA in Settings (either at the first menu or when in Navigation mode) go to the POI-W menu and simply "tick" the new categories you have created. This will both display the cameras on the map and also provide 30 and 10 second audible warning.
  3. After downloading an update it is wise to check that the POI-W selections are still checked as sometimes they seem to get switched off on the pda.

Installing Pocket GPS Safety Camera Database on a PND (version 6 software and above)

  1. Using Content Manager select 'POI Manager' then 'Personal POIs'.
  2. Select the category made in the previous steps and click on 'Update Category'.
  3. Select the relevent .asc file from the download and click OK.
  4. Repeat for each camera category.



If you would like to make sure you have the latest Pocket GPS Safety Camera Database, please visit the Pocket GPS Safety Camera Database page, if you would like to discuss the database, or how ViaMichelin uses our database, please discuss it in the Safety Camera Forum.



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