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Pocket GPS UK Safety Camera Database - Mio Instructions

Click here to go to the PocketGPS Safety Camera Database


Mio Instructions

Important Notes


The standard Mio Transfer software does not give you access to the POI folder. In order to copy the speed camera files to your unit you need to either use Bluetooth or download this piece of software:


Alternate Mio Transfer Software - [read related forum thread]


In order to use the software you will need to copy a file called mut.dll, which you can find in your mio map updater folder in program files. Just make sure you copy the file to the same folder as the 'Mio Transfer Hack.exe' file. Note that PocketGPSWorld.com is not responsible for this software and the link is only given as users of the site have found it to work effectively.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have installed the PGPSW database you must NOT use the MioSync program to connect to the Mitac server. If you do so you will send the PGPSW databse to Mitac which will break your licence agreement (and may result in a cancellation of your subscription). Also your own installation will be over-written.


Downloading the Pocket GPS Safety Camera Database

  1. Download from Pocket GPS Safety Camera Database page by selecting 'MioMap CE' and then download the 'UK - MioMap V3 (.MTC)' MTC file.

Extracting the Database on the PC

  1. Extract the ZIP file contents to a directory on your PC
    • In Windows XP right-click the .zip file and select "Extract Files Here..." or use a program such as WinZip or WinRar to extract the files - if you do not extract the files POI Loader will not be able to use them and will report that there are no csv files available


There are 2 MTC files in this download and are as described below:

SpeedCams.mtc - this is the standard speed camera download

SpeedCams WITH PENDING.mtc - this is the standard file but also includes unconfirmed mobile sites

If you wish to have the unconfirmed mobile sites then you must rename it to SpeedCams.mtc before uploading it to your unit.


Installing Pocket GPS Safety Camera Database

  1. Close down the MioMap program by going to the main menu and pressing the Exit key

  2. Using either a Bluetooth connection or the alternate software mentioned above locate the \miomap\miotc\pois\ folder and delete BOTH of the files there (if you like, copy them to your PC first)

  3. Copy the new SpeedCams.mtc file into this folder, and re-start MioMap. You will now be able to use the PGPSW cameras on your Mio.

Please note that the MioMap 3.x software cannot display speeds less than 30, either mph/kph. 20mph cameras are shown as 0 (i.e. unknown). Also mobile cameras do not show any associated speed. Both of these are limitations of the software and is not a flaw in the database.  Mitac may correct this in a future MioMap release but until then this is the best you can have!




If you would like to make sure you have the latest Pocket GPS Safety Camera Database, please visit the Pocket GPS Safety Camera Database page, if you would like to discuss the database, or how your Mio unit uses our database, please discuss it in the Safety Camera Forum.



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