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Points of Interest

This Points Of Interest page contains a list of POI's from all over the world.  Currently these are available in TomTom Navigator (OV2) format, but will be made available in other formats in months to come to include AutoRoute and CoPilot Live.  Points of interest are usually regarded as items like Petrol Stations, Hotels, Restaurants, but imagine what you can do by adding Speed Camera's, Clients, Castles, and many more items.  This doesn't have to be used just for work, or for tourism, it can be used for a whole host of new things.


Important: New PocketGPSWorld.com Launch a Dynamic POI Database system.


New! Over 300,000 POIs to Download for FREE!

PocketGPSWorld.com have well over 300,000 Points of Interest (POIs) available for download right now - for FREE!

As POIs have increased in popularity over the years, we have decided to promote this much neglected area of our site. Lutz and Richard have put together a brand new shiny interactive POI community section that we are inviting everyone to become heavily involved in. Although we currently have a comprehensive selection of UK POIs, we want many more! After you have downloaded your choice of POIs, we want your submissions and we want your comments! We are also asking the community at large to help us with our initial 'soft' launch of all other countries.

We currently have over 500 UK categories including Pubs, Hotels, Theatres, Supermarkets, Banks, Hospitals, ATMs, Wi-Fi Hotspots, National Trust and Cinemas to name but a few. We even have Dr. Who film locations - you never know when they'll come in handy! :o)

Click here for the POI download page.

Please click here to submit your own (non-copyrighted) POIs. Maybe your company or organisation wants inclusion of all its public offices/branches/facilities/areas in the database? Please send them in for consideration and, if accepted, we will include them for free.

To download the latest version of the PocketGPSWorld.com POI Database or to submit new POIs you need to be registered as a user on the site and currently logged in.

Not registered yet?
Click here now to register for free and download unlimited POIs for FREE. Registration takes less than a minute and will also enable you to post in the forums. Your privacy is important to us, we will not add your email to a marketing list or send you unsolicited emails.

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If you have TomTom Navigator, then why not get the best out of the POI's by subscribing to our FREE Pocket GPS POI-Sync Service. Please note that these datasets will no longer be updated. The latest POI data can be found in our Dynamic POI Database service.


Pocket GPS POI-Sync is a new service from the Pocket GPS Team.  This incorporates all of the POI's listed at Pocket GPS on this page, categorised into country sets, which you can download and sync to your Pocket PC in the desktop cradle whilst you're online.  Pocket GPS POI-Sync will work with all the current POI Warning Systems that plug-in to TomTom Navigator 1 and TomTom Navigator 2 including GPSAssist, POI-Warner, CheckPOInt and many more add-on POI programs.

Pocket GPS POI-Sync uses a desktop syncing program called POIEdit.  This allows you to dock your PC, connect to the internet and sync to our site and download the latest versions of POI's or new POI's, easily and without fuss.


Pocket GPS also has a very well known and respected UK Safety Camera Database.  This contains thousands of Fixed GATSO cameras, Mobile GATSO cameras, Frequent Mobile Police Laser Sites, Accident Blackspots and Red Light Traffic Cameras.


We put a great deal of effort into our database to make sure it's both accurate and useful, and because of this it's not just a collection of co-ordinates.  Therefore the database is copyright of Pocket GPS, and can only be distributed in other programs or on other websites with express written permission.


Submit POI's

If you have created any POI groups, and would like them added to our Database Service, please click here to submit them or email us with these and we'll include them.


Creating your own POI's

To create your own POI's, please see TomTom's article at http://www.tomtom.com/support/ce/support/nav_poi.php


Submit Safety Camera Updates

If you have any updates that require adding or removing from our Safety Camera Database, please email them to our Safety Camera Team.


Other POI Databases

Check out the following database

UK Trig Points



These POI databases are provided with a license for individual use. You are not allowed to copy, redistribute, concatenate or use these data in any way without the permission of the originators. This includes consolidating the data onto CDs or any other storage medium. Under no circumstances are you permitted to sell the data commercially in any format without a license from PocketGPSWorld.com or the orinator of the data set.


Please check our dynamic POI database service as this will contain the most up to date poi data.


Copyright (c) PocketGPSWorld.com and Originator all rights reserved.



Points of Interest

Submitted By
Austria Bankomaten / Cash Machines Hans Jenna
  Cemetaries Hans Jenna
  Kinos_Wien Hans Jenna
  Krankenhauser Hans Jenna
  McDonalds Hans Jenna
  Museums Hans Jenna
  Pensionistenheime Hans Jenna
  Polizeikommissariate Hans Jenna
  Restaurants (191) Kotzl
  S_Bahn_Wien Hans Jenna
  Speed Cameras Harry Sterndl
  Swimming Pools Hans Jenna
  U_Bahn_Wien Hans Jenna
Benelux Car Parks (24) Russell Hutson
(includes Belgium, Colmar Restaurants (10) Yves Vandermeer
Luxemourg and Golf Courses (67) Jean-Francois Schmitz
Netherlands) Harbours (135) Frank Lahmann
  Hospitals (13) Erik Zachte
  Metro Stops (49) Erik Zachte
  Museums (43) Erik Zachte
  Parking (65) Erik Zachte
  Parking-Large Vehicles (49) Erik Zachte
  Parks (61) Erik Zachte
  Places of Interest (49) Russell Hutson
  PowerPlants Sam VanKerckhoven
  Sights (46) Erik Zachte
  Speed Cameras (24) Dr I R Herbert De Smet
  Sporting Facilities (49) Erik Zachte
  Swimimng Pools (15) Erik Zachte
  Theaters (44) Erik Zachte
  Tourist Info (19) Erik Zachte
  Tram Stops (284) Erik Zachte
  Zip Codes (102) Erik Zachte
Denmark Bilka Allan Bøgild Pedersen
  Burger King Allan Bøgild Pedersen
  Fakta Shops Frede Svendsen
  Fotex Shops Frede Svendsen
  Good Beer Ebbe Kristensen
  Locksmith Pallejc
  McDonalds Flemming Jensen
France Carrefour Sylvain Ebele
  Campsite France Eric Van Boxtel
  Chateaux de la Loire (95) Jean-Luc Hochart
  Metro/RER (418) Matthieu Dhennin
  Misc Interesting Places (63) Jean-Luc Hochart
  Museums (31) Jean-Luc Hochart
  Parks (22) Jean-Luc Hochart
  Plus beaux villages de France Pim den Dekker
  Religious Buildings (22) Jean-Luc Hochart
  Tubes and Stations (341) Christophe Goetzmann
Germany Airports (17) Olaf Richters
  Airstrips (385) Olaf Richters
  Aral Lars Linmann
  Autokennzeichen (405) Uwe-Buchholze.de
  Berlin Rail S_Bahn (212) Andreas Reicke
  Berlin Rail U_Bahn (171) Andreas Reicke
  BP Garages Lars Linmann
  Burger King Restaurants (146) Michael Deimling.de
  Camping Sites Lars Linmann
  Castles (10) Michael Deimling.de
  DEA Petrol Stations Lars Linmann
  Esso Petrol Stations Lars Linmann
  Fire Departments (109) Andreas Reicke
  Gas Stations (2471) Michael Deimling.de
  Gliding Fields (276) Olaf Richters
  Harley-Davidson Dealers Markus Rübe
  Interesting Places (22) Volker Kugler
  MacDonalds Restaurants (920) Michael Deimling.de
  Parking Places (29) Volker Kugler
  Parks and Zoo's (63) Soler.de
  Points of Interest (99) Frank Lahmann
  Shell Petrol Stations Lars Linmann
  Sixt Stations (304) Michael Deimling.de
  Subway Stations (180) Volker Kugler
  Theaters/Cinemas (23) Volker Kugler
  TomTom Overlay (link) Uwe Siemers
  Ultralignt aircraft airfields (363) Stephane Duminy
Ireland Camping Sites (127) Marcel Halbeisen
Italy Italian Points of Interest Database (link) Enrico Pappolla
  Restaurants, Pizzerias and Pubs in and around Catania, Sicily, Italy (200+) Marco Anastas
Spain Madrid Radares Fijos Alejandro Rodriguez
Madrid Radares Moviles Alejandro Rodriguez
Valencia LLALLES
Sweden Shell Stations (448) Stig Larsson
Switzerland Airports and Airfields (64) Rudolf Gisler
  Attractions (23) Reto Beeler
  Attractions (117) Pedro Schlappi
  Historic Fountains (19) Reto Beeler
  Hotels (41) Reto Beeler
  Mountains (6152) Marcel Halbeisen
  Paragliding Sites (64) Pedro Schlappi
  Parking Places (67) Reto Beeler
  Sights (26) Adrian Gyger
  Stations and Bus stops (314) Reto Beeler
  Swiss Alpine Club Huts (234) Marcel Halbeisen
  Tram Stations (134) Denis Jabaudon
United Kingdom 50 Walks in Surrey (AA) Richard Davies
  50 Walks in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire (AA) Richard Davies
  AGD - American Golf Discount Stores James Cassar
  Airfields (259) Simon Quinn
  Airports James Garner
  Apollo Cinemas Laura Bunce
  Argos UK Stores Duncan Hill
  Army Gary Haigh
  Asda Andrew Daryl Gungadoo
  Attractions (47) Simon Quinn
  Audi Dealers.zip Neil Cooper
  B&Q Ian Flint
  Bird Sanctuaries (109) Simon Quinn
  BMW Dealerships Laura Bunce
  Borders Books Laura Bunce
  Bowlplex Laura Bunce  
  BP Garages (1571) Christopher Spencer
  Brewers Fayre Steve W
  Brewsters Steve W
  Brochs - Historic (49) Simon Quinn
  BT Openzone WiFi (6112) Mike Barrett
  Cafco Pete Turner
  Caledonian Cinemas Laura Bunce
  Cambridge Colleges (44) Dr Hugh R. Matthews
  Campanile Hotels (15) Eddie
  Camping_Shops Lee Smith
  Caravan Club Sites (189) Brain
  Castles (200) Simon Quinn
  Centre Parcs Mark Stevenson
  Ceroc Dance Venues Phil Motley
  Cinema Mark Best
  Clarion Hotels Laura Bunce
  Comfort Inn Laura Bunce
  Country Carvery (67) Eddie
  Countrywide LPG Mark Duncombe
  Crosses (99) Simon Quinn
  Crowne Plaza Laura Bunce
  Courtyard Hotels Laura Bunce
  David Lloyd Leisure Clubs Phil Motley
  De Vere Hotels Laura Bunce
  Dialling Codes (767) Jamie Whitham
  Diving2 Kane
  Docklands Light Railway (18) Nick
  Doctor Who Film Locations Simon Petyt
  Early Churches (272) Simon Quinn
  Embassies (82) Eddie
  English Heritage (103) Simon Quinn
  English Premier Football Clubs (20) Jon Bray
  Esporta Health Clubs Paul Carl
  Esso Petrol Stations James Garner
  Euro 2004 Luis Pontes
  Fitness First James Garner
  Football Clubs inc England Premiership, Div 1-3, Conference and Scotland Premiership, Div 1-3 Kevin Horrobin
  Football Clubs Conference Grounds Mel Jones
  Four Pillars Hotels Laura Bunce
  Fuel Steve W
  Galleries (72) Eddie
  GeoCache James Cassar
  GeoCache (autoupdates link download) Roy Goring
  Halfords Pete Turner
  HAM Radio - 2 Meter Repeaters Dave Eden
  Harry Ramsden Laura Bunce
  High_Quality_Pubs Doug Murrie
  Hilton Hotels Neal Aberdeen
  Historic Sites (55) Simon Quinn
  Hobby Craft Superstores (13) Eddie
  Holiday Inn Laura Bunce
  Holiday Inn 2 Steve W
  Holiday Inn Express Steve W
  H R Owen Dealerships Laura Bunce
  Hungry Horse Laura Bunce
  IKEA Darren Griffin
  IMAX Cinemas Laura Bunce
  Index Shops Piers Marsh
  Intercontinental Hotels Laura Bunce
  Iron Age Sites (99) Simon Quinn
  Jaguar John Mathews
  Jeep Dealerships Robert Morton
  KFC James Garner
  Land Rover UK Dealerships Robert Morton
  Land Rover Experience Robert Morton
  Life Boats (186) Simon Quinn
  Lighthouses Anthony Lomas
  Little Chef (accurate to within 1 mile) Nick Williams
  Livery Institutions (44) Eddie
  Lodge Inn (19) Eddie
  Low Bridges Nomad  
  LPG Petrol Stations without Forecourts LPG Map Website (Nik Aves)
  M6 Plaza's, Exits and Services Derek Godsell 
  McDonalds Mark Best
  McDonalds (Anglia) Mark
  McDonalds (Midlands) Nicolas Davies
  Makro Steve W  
  Major Event Locations (40) Simon Quinn
  Maplin Electronics Shops Tim Cooper
  Marriott Hotels Ian Rhodes
  Masjids Faisal Javid
  Millers Pub Restaurants Steve W
  Mitsubishi Dealerships Chris Almond
  Moat House (29) Eddie
  MotorRacing Circuits (15) Simon Quinn
  Motorway Service Stations (73) Paul Darnell
  Mountain Peaks (1154) Simon Quinn
  Mountains (822) Phil
  National Trust Sites (320) Simon Quinn
  National Trust Sites (320) (supplied by NT) Graham Stenson
  Nature Reserves Matt Evans
  Odean Cinemas Laura Bunce
  Oldham Schools Lee
  Orange Shops Neal Aberdeen  
  OS Grid References (779) Jamie Whitham
  Oxford Colleges Laura Bunce
  Oxford Park and Ride Sites Robert Morton
  PC World Ian Flint
  Petrol (All UK Stations) Tim Richardson
  PG Surrey and Sussex Walks Richard Davies
  PG10 Snowdon, Anglesea and Lleyn Peninsula Richard Davies
  PG12 Hamsphire and New Forest Richard Davies
  Pictish Sites (36) Simon Quinn
  Pizzahut James Garner, David Mansfield
  Potters (15) Eddie
  Pub Grub Neil Cooper
  Prehistoric Monuments (396) Simon Quinn
  Quality Hotels (49) Alan Campbell
  Race Courses (59) Simon Quinn
  Railway Stations (36) Mark Ellott
  Roman Sites (174) Simon Quinn
  Royal Show Car Parks Robert Morton
  RS Components David J Kelly
  Sainsbury (209) Buffy / Hugh
  Sailing Clubs Duncan Whitrow
  Scottish Munro's (277) Simon Quinn
  Scottish Munro's 2 (285) Richard Gee
  Scottish Newcastle Hotels (39) Eddie
  Scuba Diving Robert Owen / Matt Evans
  Seat Dealerships Andrew Eddowes
  Shell Petrol Stations James Garner / Nick Williams
  Shell Petrol Stations Consolidated Nick Williams
  Shopping Centres of England & Scotland Matthew Mace
  Sights (34) Mark Ellott
  Sleep Inn Laura Bunce
  St James's Clubs (13) Eddie
  Steam Trains and Railways Peter Bailey
  Ster Century Cinemas Laura Bunce
  Street Markets (20) Eddie
  Super League Grounds (12) Stephen
  Swallow Hotels Laura Bunce  
  Tape Exchange Andrew
  Tesco Brian Perrett
  Tesco Cafe Stores 2003 Sean Richards
  Texaco Petrol Stations James Garner
  TGI Fridays Laura Bunce
  The Crowded House (39) Eddie
  Theatres (67) I. Engelsman
  Three Peaks (8) Alan Campbell
  Total Petrol Stations James Garner
  Tourist Information Centres (55) Eddie
  Toys R Us Geraint Jones
  Travel Inn (217) Eddie
  Travel Inn 2 Steve W
  Travel Inn (Capital) Steve W
  Travel Inn (Metro) Steve W
  Travelodge (151) Nick M Baker
  TVR Peter Van Veldhoven
  UCG Cinemas Laura Bunce
  UCI Cinemas Laura Bunce  
  Underground Stations (142) Nick
  Vauxhall Dealers Neal Aberdeen  
  Village Hotels Laura Bunce  
  Vue Cinemas Laura Bunce  
  Warner Hotels Laura Bunce
  Wedding Venues Matt Evans
  Whisky Distilleries (110) Graham Atkinson
  Wireless Hotspots Chris Devereux 
  Woodlands (1810 Simon Quinn
  York City Pubs Noel Morgan  
  Zoos (22) Simon Quinn
United States National Monuments (62) Peter Csutora
  National Parks (42) Peter Csutora
  US States (48) Peter Csutora
  Zip Codes (41764) Jamie Whitham


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