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TomTom Navigator 5 for PDAs and Palms 10th March 2005

Article by Mike Barrett


This time last year at CeBIT TomTom showed the range of products that had their new common navigation engine at the heart. At the time this appeared to be a much simplified, cut down version version of TomTom Navigator. And indeed it was. We were promised that the PDA version of TomTom Navigator using the common navigation engine would not be released until it had the full functionality of the current PDA products.


Today TomTom have announced TomTom Navigator 5 for PDAs. True to their word they have managed to cram virtually all of the old features into a new shining package.


Even better for previous TomTom Navigator users there will be a free downloadable application upgrade to TomTom Navigator 5. At the time of writing it is unclear if the maps will be updated, or what the charge for new mapping will be.


The Full Package

For new users buying TomTom Navigator 5 there will be the normal two options: wired and Bluetooth. It is not clear if a software only option will be available.


TomTom are packaging the Bluetooth product with their new BT GPS receiver. And very smart it looks too. I really can't wait to get my hands on all this new gear they have produced.


Some Highlights

TomTom Navigator for PDAs works on a range of Pocket PCs and also Palm handhelds.


VGA mode is supported natively in the application so those of you with a 4700 or any other PDA running Windows Mobile 2003 SE with VGA will see this.


With the rest where do I start?


Well there is a built in POI warning system, currently the application doesn't work with POIWarner or CheckPoint or any other 3rd Party add on.


We have an improved Itinerary planner.


TomTom have included the TomTom Plus service in navigation system. This means that TomTom Traffic is part of the core functionality.


You can download city maps from your PDA using a GPRS or internet connection.


There is a PIM plugin which allows you to navigate to addresses in your contacts folder.


But of course I have left the best for last!!


FULL UK POSTCODE SEARCH!! Yes that right for the first time in TomTom Navigator 5 we have built in 7 digit postcode searching.


Map Data

There should also be some new maps available. It is not clear at the moment if they will be free or chargeable for users who upgrade.


The maps that we have seen so far are from the TeleAtlas 2004 second release. These have some major roads around the country updated or added. Interestingly on our way to Stansted yesterday we found that the new A120 by-pass was not in these maps.


Even more interesting is the screen shot to the right. There is no information I can add to that, but a picture tells a thousand words...



TomTom say that the new Packages will be available from May 2005. It is not clear when the downloadable updates will be ready.



TomTom Navigator 5
TomTom Navigator 5
TomTom Navigator 5

TomTom Navigator 5

I did mention VGA didnt I well here is a screen shot to show you the detail that is available on a VGA PDA. We are staying at the Hotel Kaiserhoff, Ernst August Platz, HAnnover, right in the town centre.


TomTom navigator 5 VGA screen



This announcement is really what a lot of people have been waiting a year for. I can guarantee that the wait has been worth while. There are one or two items that have not come across to the new version but the rest of the software more than makes up for it.


TomTom's official press release


TomTom Launches TomTom NAVIGATOR 5 for PDAs



CeBIT, 10 March 2005 – TomTom, a leading navigation solution provider, today announced a new and improved version of its award-winning navigation software solution, TomTom NAVIGATOR 5 for PDAs. An advanced and powerful navigation tool, TomTom NAVIGATOR 5 will turn users’ PDAs into a personal assistant on the road.


TomTom NAVIGATOR 5 (available in both a wired and wireless version) offers users updated features for easy and stress-free travel, in the car or on foot. TomTom NAVIGATOR 5 features an improved Itinerary Planner for planning multi-destination trips, seamless integration with a PDA’s contacts folder, customisable Points of Interest (POI’s), the latest maps* and the new TomTom PLUS services. NAVIGATOR 5 is TomTom’s most comprehensive navigation solution for PDAs to date.


“NAVIGATOR 5 is far beyond any other navigation solution available on a handheld device and is a must have for any PDA user,” said Harold Goddijn, TomTom’s chief executive officer. “New features such as enhanced map coverage, downloadable maps, as well as the ability to plan journeys according to the quickest and shortest routes will ensure our customers the same impeccable navigation experience they have come to expect from TomTom.”


The wireless version of NAVIGATOR 5 will also feature TomTom’s new Bluetooth tm GPS receiver (a small and lightweight device that can be placed in the pocket or a bag). This provides better than ever sensitivity for picking up GPS signals.


With the improved Itinerary Planner users can now also plan more complex routes to multiple destinations and add more stopping points on the journey. Customers simply need to pre-programme the stopping points before they depart and TomTom NAVIGATOR 5 will calculate the best route, incorporating each stop on the way to the end destination.


In addition, seamless integration into the PDAs contact folder allows users to plan journeys with information taken directly from their address book for improved functionality and intuitiveness.


TomTom NAVIGATOR 5 includes:

    • TomTom NAVIGATOR 5 software and a pre-installed map of your region on SD card
    • TomTom Bluetooth GPS receiver (only with wireless version)
    • AC home charger and/or cigarette lighter charger for the GPS receiver

TomTom NAVIGATOR 5 is available in the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Germany , Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, as well as the United States of America.


TomTom NAVIGATOR 5 is compatible with various accessories including the TomTom Holders and Carkits. Accessory maps are the ideal tool for planning European wide routes including cross-border navigation, making travelling as easy as a trip to the high street.



TomTom Navigator 5 is compatible with the following models:


Compaq Ipaq 3870, 3970.


HP iPAQ hx2110, hx2410, hx2750, hx4700, rx3715, h6340, rz1710, rz3715, h1940, h1945, h2210, h2215, h4150, h4350, h5400, h5450, h5455, h5550, h5555, h6340


Toshiba E830, E400, E800 BT, E800 WiFi


palmOne Tungsten T3, T5, Treo 650, Tungsten C, Zire 72


Sony Clie TJ 35, Sony Clie TH 55


Acer N30, N35, N50


Qtek 1010, 2020, 9090, S100


Orange SPV M1000


T-Mobile MDA, MDA II, MDA III, MDA Compact


Asus Mypal A620


DELL Axim X50, X50I, X50V, X3, X3i, X30


Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox 410, 600, 610, 720


Siemens SX 66




i-mate PDA2K


Vodafone VPA compact



TomTom NAVIGATOR 5 is available from May 2005 at major retailers across Europe. The pricing for the wireless GPS and wired GPS versions will be announced shortly.


*provided by Tele Atlas, a worldwide leading provider of digital map databases



There's been a bit of conflicting information regarding the upgrade. TomTom first released their press release saying free upgrades for everyone to V5. Since then TomTom have retracted the Press Release and changed their website several times, the latest incarnation reads "European owners of TomTom NAVIGATOR 2 and 3 will be offered the possibility to upgrade to the newest version of TomTom NAVIGATOR 5. The upgrade-program will start in May 2005. Owners of TomTom Navigator 2 and 3 will receive our newsletter with more details about how and when to upgrade. You can also check our website."


However, TomTom did announce to the PocketGPSWorld.com team at CeBit that the upgrade for existing 2.x and 3.x customers would be at a charge of 49 euros. However no official statement has been made in form of an updated press release, so please do not accept this as cast in stone.





Manufacturers Website www.tomtom.com
Pocket GPS Contributor

Mike Barrett

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