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TomTom announce TomTom GO Accessories 10th March 2005

Article by Lutz Bendlin and Mike Barrett


TomTom are starting to provide a range of accessories for the GO. Most notably are different front and back covers and a carrying bag. Here's a quick first impression.


The Bag


We haven't seen the bag yet but it looks like it can take a hit or two (this is not an invite to drop your GO, not even in the bag!). We will know more once we were able to get our hands on the bag, and will duly inform you of it's features.


From the photos it is difficult to judge the exact size of the bag, but it is big enough to hold the GO, the screen mount, and a mobile phone as well. PErfect if you are travelling and renting cars at your destination.


Maybe we will start a new trend of men carrying bags in the UK? Who knows in years to come we might turn round and say 2005 was the year that if became fashionable for men to carry handbags (sorry gadget bags).


The Covers


TomTom show that they are sensitive to user's style requirements. They now offer different face plates that allow you to select the one that best fits your car's general appearance.


The original TomTom GO was customisable by switching the front cover. With the new versions of GO you can change both the front and back covers.


Unlike the original GO front covers the new covers are supplied in packs of three. So you dont have to deliberate about which on to select, you get all three. The difficulty is choosing which one to use on the day. Now what colour are my shoes today? Gold. No problem!!


Obviously the standard silver cover is a good ballpark for most of the dashboards of today's cars, but it is always good to have other choices too - here you can select between "trendy" colors like black, some kind of golden, and a metallic blue.


There also will be different versions of those covers due to the fact that the GO 700 doesn't have the SD card slot any more.


TomTom Accessories
TomTom GO fronts

TomTom's official press release


Travel in Style with New TomTom GO Accessories


~ TomTom launches new Covers and protective BAG for TomTom GO ~



CeBIT, 10 March 2005 – In-car navigation is given a sense of style as TomTom, a leading personal and in-car navigation solution provider today announces the launch of its new TomTom GO Accessories range. Now users can customise their TomTom GO device with new front and back covers in three new, trendy colours and can carry their device safely and in style with the new TomTom BAG.


“Consumers get to choose the colour of their car so why not let them choose the colour of their in-car navigation solution?” said Harold Goddijn, chief executive officer of TomTom. “As technology products are fast becoming life accessories, style needs to go hand in hand with functionality. The new TomTom Covers and TomTom BAG will further increase the sense of style and personality to our popular GO range.”


Whether users want to change their TomTom GO to match their car’s interior or their mood, the TomTom Covers come in three different colours: gold, black and azurean blue. For use with the new GO 700, GO 500 and GO 300 devices †1 , users simply click the existing GO covers off and replace them with one of the new ones to turn their device into a truly personal satellite navigation tool.


The new TomTom BAG allows users to transport their GO device outside of the car safely and in style. The TomTom BAG can carry not only the TomTom GO unit, but also the TomTom car mount and has two additional pockets for personal belongings such as a mobile phone or MP3 player. The tough TomTom BAG is water-resistant and ideal for safely transporting a TomTom GO, for instance when taking the device out of the car, or when flying abroad for holiday or business to use in a rental car.


The TomTom covers are sold in packs of three (all three colours) and, along with the TomTom BAG, will be available from the TomTom website www.tomtom.com.


†1 Front and back covers come in two different models due to SD card requirements on the GO 500 and 300. GO 700 covers (no SD card slot), and GO 300 and 500 covers (SD card slot).




Manufacturers Website www.tomtom.com
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Lutz Bendlin, Mike Barrett

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