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TeleType GPS software allows you to combine a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver with our software and maps to provide a moving map display when you travel. The software includes street level maps for either the entire U.S., Canada, or Europe. The  proprietary compression technology allows you to easily select and transfer small towns to big city maps, in fact in most cases you can fit an entire state map right down to street level directly within the handheld computer's main memory. In addition to streets, TeleType GPS also displays rivers, lakes, oceans, and parks. An average sized U.S. state uses about 15 megabytes of space on your computer. You can choose to load entire states or just portions (the same high quality maps) of states to your handheld device, whichever suits your travel needs best.


palm mount in car


palm mount in car

TeleType GPS software is the most flexible and fully featured GPS enabled mapping software available for Windows CE and Pocket PC. The same software also supports desktop and laptop systems. Whether you need a completely wireless system featuring wireless GPS receivers and software, or a budget based system you're sure to find the solution



GPS moving map software and maps
Supports Windows CE, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Pocket PC 
Door-to-Door Routing - extremely fast routing on PDA's and laptops. NEW
Choose Human or Synthesized voice. NEW
Synthesized voice speaks street name for upcoming turns. NEW
Voice and visual alerts
Reroute - reset your course if you get off track
Displays lakes and rivers
Highly compressed map format fits up to six times more map area than competitors. See
Map Sizes
Plot routes that span multiple states
Route using preferences such "via highways"
Supports turn restrictions (knows about one-way streets!)
Create your own unlimited number of waypoints
Store frequently used addresses & routes
Terra Server map support 
World File support  
Search by Waypoint name  
Over 3 million points of interest - including restaurants, hotels, ATMs, gas stations, hospitals, public & governmental buildings, and more  
Selectively show/hide waypoints by route (folder).
Search Points of Interest by name  
Head Up or North Up moving map view 
User definable assignment of TeleType GPS functions such as zoom in/out to Pocket PC 
Marine maps available for purchase via electronic download-buy only the maps you need when you need.
Voice and visual alerts, customizable to city versus highway travel.
RMC log file output record
Attachment of photos to Waypoints
UTM grid support
Easy export maps from Desktop computer to Handheld computer (either main memory or storage card)
Customized navigation screens for driving, flying, and boating, provide more area for map display, vital data appropriate for each method of travel.
Worldwide tracking of position
Street maps and Points of Interest included (see catalog for complete list of product offerings).
Import your own scanned maps
Distance measuring
Course direction
Automatic map loading
Trip route recording and replaying
Trip route export
Display layering
Large viewing area
High resolution screen
Ability to load a large geographic area
De-cluttering zoom
Zoom in/out for all maps
Display of current position coordinates
Metric/English scale units
Complete waypoint entry and management
Easily add user waypoints
Touch screen display support
Color support for our maps and maps that you import
Supports any NMEA based GPS receiver*
Tracks up to 12 satellites

Voice alerts for turn-by-turn directions in Italian, French, German, Dutch, and English spoken with female French accent are available 
Door-to-Door routing for U.S. and Europe with new improved speed of routing, and new features such as routing "via highway", "via ferry", creating the "Quickest Path" or the "Shortest Path".  
Compatible with Windows XP 
Export map files directly to PDA 
Supports Pocket PC 2002  
Lifetime use of the GPS (no fees or connection time charges)
Toll free technical support



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