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Our reviews of SatNav Bundles cross over with the GPS Hardware and Software reviews. Where a set of hardware and software has been bundled together we review it here.

Don't forget to check out the hardware and software in the other sections as we will often review the GPS gear in more detail individually.


Click here for PDA Systems articles PDA Systems A rather convenient way to get going in SatNav is to by a complete system. This will often be a Personal Navigation Device, which is dedicated to the single task of navigation.

If you want more from your system than Navigation these PDA SatNav bundles could be what you are looking for. With the full functionality of a PocketPC or Palm at your fingertips you have an office in your hand.
Click here for Archive articles Archive This section contains our reviews of SatNav bundles that are no longer current. If you are looking to buy a pre-owned SatNav system you may well find details of it in here.


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