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CES 2009: NXT and Tunebug excite us with their flat surface sound technology

NXT are a UK company that are pushing the boundaries of sound. Their main technology is the ability to project sound from just about any flat surface. The process uses "Exciters" to vibrate the surface and thus create the sound field. We went to a breakfast meeting at CES in Las Vegas where a number of NXT's clients were displaying their products. The one that attracted our attention most was from Tunebug. Tunebug have developed a number of devices using the surface sound technology all based around a common body, but with slightly different functionality. The first is a mp3 player, it is self powered and when you sit it on a hard surface all of a sudden you hear the music. This is difficult to conceive in text. The variations on a theme include a "dumb" speaker, you just plug your existing mp3 player into the device. The final variant is designed for motorcyclists. The Tunebug fits on the back of your helmet and includes a microphone link, this allows you to communicate with your passenger, and still enjoy the music. The experience of having your entire helmet emitting sound is quite amazing.

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