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CES 2009: GPS Tracking to help Alzheimer's sufferers

Tracking people has always been regarded as being a "Big Brother" scenario, and oftimes thought of as Science Fiction. Well for some time now the technology has been Science Fact, and has been used institutionally in a number of innovative ways, mainly to track offenders and enforce curfews. This technology is now becoming more affordable and the software is improving allowing the systems to be implemented in other social applications.

One such application is for Alzheimer's patients. Omnilink systems are working with the Alzheimer's Society to bring tracking and quality of life to sufferers. Using GPS tracking can assist them in leading a more free and active lifestyle safe in the knowledge that if they get lost or forget where they are supposed to be going then someone will always know exactly where they are. Omnilink Systems are a company specialising in the creation and management of these GPS tracking systems. We interviewed Steve Hudson of Omnilink to discover the technologies, and some of the issues and problems that they had to overcome to enable a fool-proof system which can be implemented with confidence. How the devices can be located even within buildings, how the device can be located and also the management of the system.

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