Our Mobile POIs site is now live! Over 210,000 locations across the world available at your fingertips.

Visit this site with your smart phone (iPhone, Android, WP7, Nokia, Blackberry) and it will detect your location using GPS on most modern phones. If you don't have a GPS-enabled smart phone then you can also manually enter your location. Once located you can then either view all your local points of interest, or drill it down to a specific category and/or sub-category. Once you've found the POI you want you can then navigate to it using TomTom, Navigon, Sygic, Waze, Navmii, NavFree as well as viewing in Google or Bing Maps (all these are device dependent and may also require you to have the app installed on your phone!).

If you are logged in to your PocketGPSWorld.com account you can mark categories and subcategories as favourites so that these show up at the top of the lists.

As well as finding your local POIs you can also submit any new ones easily although removal requests and editing existing POI will be added at a later date.

So then now you're here bookmark it and/or save it to your homescreen and go see what's around you!


How It Works

Using your phone's GPS and location capabilities we are able to locate you to within !0m (handset dependent) but don't worry, the location data stays on your phone so we won't be logging your every move! Devices with GPS built in will see a more accurate location via Automatic Location however you can also manually enter a street name. Once you're happy with the location simply click the link to Find POIs Nearby (or tap on the map image), choose your main category and then your subcategory! Once you've found what you're looking for then you can click the link(s) to view the location in Google Maps and get directions if needed. Some devices also allow you to navigate using various apps such as TomTom, Navigon, Waze and more (if you have them installed).


Data & Copyright

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The cross-device geo-location framework is provided by the wonderful javascript geolocation framework and used under license.



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