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 OziExplorer CE

11th August 2002 

OziExplorer CE



OziExplorerCE is moving map software for Window CE devices, it uses raster map images which are either scanned or purchased in digital format.


OziExplorerCE is not automatic route planning software, you cannot request the best way to get from point A to point B, if you require this type of software then OziExplorerCE is not for you.


OziExplorerCE will not be available for Palm Pilots or any other operating system.


The design philosophy is you plan your trip using the full PC OziExplorer on you PC and then transfer your waypoints and other data to your CE device for use by OziExplorerCE.


OziExplorerCE runs on a Windows CE device but it relies on map calibrations etc to be provided by the full PC version of OziExplorer, in the respect OziExplorerCE can be considered an add-on to the full Oziexplorer software, you also need the full OziExplorer to calibrate maps, plan trips by adding waypoints etc.


System Requirements
These are the types of devices supported.

  • Handheld - HPC (CE version 2) , HPC Pro (CE Versions 2.11,2.12) and HPC 2000 (CE version 3.0+)

  • Palm sized - PPC (CE version 2.0 and versions 2.11,2.12)

  • PocketPC - PC2000 (CE version 3.0+) , PC2002 (CE version 3.0+)

ARM , MIPS , SH3 and SH4 cpu's are supported for all platforms where applicable.


Gps Requirements

  • For real time navigation almost any GPS receiver with NMEA 0183 output of the GPRMC or GGA or GLL sentence.

  • For upload/download of data (when available) selected models of Garmin Lowrance/Eagle or Magellan's.

  • A cable to connect the standard CE device serial cable to the standard GPS serial cable is required. A diagram of how to wire this cable is in the help document.

Map Requirements

  • Maps of your particular area of the world which you can scan or purchased digital maps in the correct format.

  • All maps must be converted to the ozf or ozf2 format, a conversion utility will be supplied. The ozf / ozf2 format is a special format developed for use in OziExplorerCE (details are in the help document). The format allows paging of the image from disk and therefore requires little memory for image display.

  • Note - No useable maps are provided with this package only example maps.


  • Moving map navigation using any GPS providing NMEA output in one of the supported sentences.

  • Automatic loading of the next map.

  • Automatic Route prompting (voice and symbol).

  • Create Route on screen.

  • Check for more detailed map at 30s intervals.

  • Logging of Track points to file.

  • Display of track on screen

  • Replay of stored tracks

  • Create Waypoint at current position

  • Many Map Zoom levels

  • Various Position display formats

  • On screen display of Speed and Bearing

  • Speed Monitor (plays sounds (wav files) when set speeds exceeded).

  • Display Waypoints on the map

  • Find Maps at cursor position

  • Uses and writes files in the same formats as the full PC based OziExplorer

  • Name Search

  • Satellite View

  • Map View

Vector Maps

OziExplorerCE does not support vector maps and most likely never will.



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