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Nokia release Smart2Go a 'FREE' Mapping application

Date 9th February 2007

Article by Mike Barrett


Last year Nokia invested in the navigation sector by purchasing the Berlin based navigation software compamy Gate5. Although not one of the 'High Street' names the Gate5 smart2go software has been included in a lot of OEM PND systems.


Nokia smart2go free navigation software


Nokia smart2go free navigation software

The buy-out of Gate5 indicated that Nokia was taking a very serious attitude to navigation. As the Nokia devices are the World's most prolific handhelds it bodes well for navigation in general.


Also with one of the main manufacturers of handsets entering a market sector where data costs can be an issue it remains to be seen if the network providers start to come up with some well thought out unlimited roaming packages for data.


The announcement made by Nokia yesterday allows users with compatible devices to download free software and mapping.


See below for the full Nokia press release.


How does this all work?

Well Nokia will be pre-installing smart2go on a number of new handsets that they are producing, in particular the n95. This will also be available to download for free for a number of Series 60 phones and also for WM5.0 PDAs or SmartPhones. This smart2go application will have basic mapping functionality, in as much as you can view roads find places etc. You will also be able to plan routes with the free version.


Where Nokia make money is by selling an "upgrade" this enhances the basic mapping and can provide turn by turn navigation if the device is connected to a GPS receiver. The price of the upgrade will be displayed on your device, and we are currently waiting for information regarding this. Screenshots indicate €7.99 but it is not clear what that gives you.


The map data would appear to be provided by both Navteq and Teleatlas.


Mapping for Turn buy Turn Navigation

Navigation is available in the following countries/areas:

Alp Region (Austria/Switzerl./Alpine parts of France/Germany/Italy) *

Asia (+Middle East)


Benelux plus (Netherland/Belgium/Luxemburg/parts of Germany + France)

Brazil (Rio de Janeiro/Sao Paulo/Belo Horizonte/Campos do Jordao)


Eastern Europe (Czech Rep./Slovakia/Hungary/Poland/Greece/Baltics)

France-Benelux (France/Netherlands/Belgium/Luxemburg)

Germany/ Austria/Switzerland

Greater China (Taiwan/China/Hong Kong/Macau)

Hong Kong/Macau

Iberia (Portugal/Spain/Gibraltar/Andorra)

Italy plus (Italy/South of Austria + Switzerland)

Mainland China/Taiwan/Hong Kong

Mexico (Mexico City/Monterrey/Guadalajara)

Middle East (Saudi Arabia/United Arab Emirates/Qatar/Bahrain/Oman/Kuwait)

Nordic countries (Denmark/Sweden/Norway/Finnland)

Russia (Greater St. Petersburg/Moscow + major roads)

South Africa

South Korea

Southeast Asia (Singapore/Kuala Lumpur/Bangkok)


Turkey (Istanbul/Ankara + major roads)

UK + Rep. Ireland

USA (without Alaska)


Western Europe (A/B/CH/D/DK/ESP/F/FIN/I/IRL/L/N/NL/P/S/UK )


Which as far as I am aware is the most coverage by any Navigation software on the market today. And with the pricing model, it may make it the ideal system for vacations where you pay for the turn by turn navigation in the country you are visiting.


Loading Maps

Looking at the regions supported there could be a large amount of data to download onto your device. smart2go is really quite smart (oh please!!) about this and they have created a hybrid solution to loading maps.


The maps need to be stored on the internal memory of your device, but they can be either downloaded and managed using a map loader application and your home internet connection, or they can be downloaded over the wireless carrier.


Obviously it can be quite expensive if you do not have an unlimited data contract or even worse if you are roaming... The point is that if you suddenly have to travel to San Paulo or Macau and you are not near your PC then it doesnt matter you downoad the map and pay for the navigation and off you go. There are no other companies offering that service at the moment.


Additional Content

Another mechanism for funding the free application is charging for other additional content. Currently apart from the turn by turn navigation smart2go provide City Guides. From the looks of the screenshots they have deals with a number of reputable companies providing a good selection of guides.


Nokia smart2go free navigation software    Nokia smart2go free navigation software


How do I get the Software?

The software is available for download on the smart2go website. Simply click here to download the smart2go software. I have noticed that the server is a little busy and you can get error pages, but if you persevere you will eventually get the download.


Nokia smart2go free navigation software

Nokia smart2go free navigation software

Nokia smart2go free navigation software


Nokia smart2go free navigation software


Nokia smart2go free navigation software


Nokia seem to have entered the SatNav market with an explosion. The coverage that is being offered in terms of navigable mapping far exceeds any other single company's offering. smart2go's claim of overall mapping (my interpretation of 'in which countries can I use smart2go) is incredible and includes many countries in Africa and Oceania that I have never considered before.


As this has the Nokia brand and marketing backing it cannot fail to be a success, but my only concern is about the pricing model. Hopefully I can investigate this next week at 3GSM.


The Nokia Press Release

Nokia Delivers Free Downloadable Maps to the Mobile World
February 08, 2007

smart2go mapping and navigation platform made available for the most popular mobile operating systems


Espoo, Finland - Nokia today announced that it is making its smart2go mapping and navigation platform, available for free download (www.smart2go.com), enabling millions of people to use the most comprehensive map coverage offered on a mobile device. The platform allows for mapping and routing in over 150 countries and has support for full turn-by-turn satellite navigation in over 30 countries. The application allows people to view where they are on a map, search for points-of-interests (POI) around them and create routes to get them there free of charge. Nokia plans to start offering the smart2go application for free, on Saturday, February 10th, for selected Nokia S60 and Windows Mobile 5.0 devices initially and has plans to roll out support for most of the major mobile OS platforms including Nokia S60, Series 40, PocketPC, Linux and other Windows Mobile devices.


Nokia plans to pre-install the smart2go mapping and navigation application on all future Nokia Nseries multimedia computers under the name "Nokia Maps". Current owners of Nokia devices may also download Nokia Maps to their supported devices. And now, by paring your non-GPS enabled mobile device with a Nokia Wireless GPS Module LD-3W or other compatible GPS module, Nokia Maps can provide the same fantastic navigation experience for a broad range of Nokia devices.


The platform contains over 15 million POIs that help people explore the most interesting sights, restaurants or accommodations around them. Customers can select their favorite locations and send them to friends by multimedia message, Bluetooth wireless technology, infrared or e-mail. They can also send map excerpts and routes or save map screen shots to the gallery on the device. Recognized brand names like McDonald's will have the option to place branded icons across the world's digital maps downloaded onto millions of mobile devices.


"People will trust and use maps if they have those maps with them when they need them, and smart2go allows consumers the full freedom of which maps they want to carry with them. By offering Nokia Maps and smart2go for free on your mobile device, cost is no longer a barrier for anyone to enjoy the convenience of maps and routing on-the-go," said Ralph Eric Kunz, vice-president, Nokia, Multimedia. "Nokia is on track to build the world's most connected location based platform for mobile devices which also opens up interesting opportunities for future services."


smart2go is a hybrid map solution: Map data from Tele-Atlas and Navteq can be downloaded directly via wireless network (e.g. GPRS/3G/WLAN) and stored on the devices memory card as needed. If all the desired map data is stored, no network connection is needed for mapping, routing and navigation. For managing downloads of bigger sizes there is an additional PC desktop tool available.


smart2go comes with the option to upgrade to full fledged turn-by-turn navigation. With just some clicks, customers can turn their device into a voice guided navigation system by purchasing a navigation license. There are various licenses available: from a one week to a three year term. When traveling to a new country for holiday one can download the relevant maps via PC in advance and subscribe to the navigation service for the duration of the holiday at affordable cost.


About the "smart2go" mapping and routing application

smart2go is new: the software turns mobile computers, smartphones and PDAs into local mapping and routing engines with a navigation option, providing worldwide mapping free of charge. In so doing, the unique hybrid solution combines the advantages of on-board and off-board navigation. Maps and location-aware content only need to be loaded once - they are then always available on the client. As smart2go will carry the application name "Nokia Maps" across many future Nokia devices, it will also be available for a diversity of other operating systems such as Windows Mobile 5 and Linux, in the future.


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