Globaltop HG-100 Bluetooth HUD GPS Speedometer Reviewed
Date: Monday, July 02 @ 12:07:16 UTC
Topic: We blogged about this novel GPS from GlobalTop during our CeBIT coverage back in March and now I'm pleased to say that we completed the review of this unit.

The HUD (Heads Up Display) GPS is a standard Bluetooth GPS unit but it has the unique addition of a large reversed LED Speed Display on it's top face. When placed on your dash, the speed display is reflected in the windscreen allowing you to quickly glance at your current speed without taking your eyes off the road. In addition a small compass graphic indicates your current direction and an over speed function can be set to flash the speed display if you exceed the set speed. The unit can be used stand alone in this mode or you can use it's GPS functionality to drive a navigation application on a Bluetooth equipped unit.

Although this unit has an internal (non user replaceable battery) it needs to be connected to external 12v power (cigarette lighter charger supplied) to utilise the HUD functionality.

The unit comes supplied with a couple of tinted window film which you apply to the windscreen to aid in contrast and the unit has a light sensor to auto dim the LED Speed Display at night.

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