Moving a built in POI using TomTom Mapshare
Date: Tuesday, June 19 @ 09:06:23 UTC

After his trip to Cannes Tim was lucky enough to get a shiny new TomTom GO 520 to play with. One of the things he has been looking at is the new Map Share facility.

Mapshare is a new technology built into the new TomTom 520 and 720 SatNav systems. The concept of Mapshare is to allow the TomTom userbase to correct errors in the mapping data on their PND, and then share it with the rest of the users.

This new functionality is found in the new TomTom Navigator version 7.x GPS software.

This article looks at the repositioning of one of the built in POIs. Showing how the POI is moved and then how this modification can be shared with other users.

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