PocketGPSWorld.com visit TeleAtlas in Belgium
Date: Tuesday, August 16 @ 14:40:26 UTC

PocketGPSWorld.com visit Tele Atlas. Click here for the reportThe digital mapping companies come in for a lot of criticism from the GPS user community. In particular there have been a lot of issues with missing roads, roads with the wrong names, bad junctions, and turn restrictions etc etc. There was a lot of concern in the forums with the currency of the latest TomTom maps released with version 5 software.

We wanted to put these issues to Tele Atlas and get some answers from them. At the same time we also wanted to discover the process that Tele Atlas (and it's customers) use to create digital maps, and then how they end up in SatNav products such as TomTom Navigator, or NavMan SmartST Pro. We also wanted to see what happens when mapping errors are reported and how they get incorporated into the map data.

Of course this was also a great opportunity to discuss specific issues with Tele Atlas that you , the users, wanted answering.

Well I spent 6 hours with senior management and product managers discussing all these items. Click here for the full report of the visit and the answers to your questions.

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