Eten M500 PocketPC Phone Edition Reviewed
Date: Wednesday, June 08 @ 13:50:28 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comI have just completed the review of Eten's M500 PocketPC Phone Edition device.

The M500 is a small form factor device competing with the HTC Magician and it fares very well in comparison. With a 400MHz Samsung processor, 130Mb of RAM and Bluetooth as well as Quad Band GSM support it is ideal for the business user, world traveller or more importantly for us, the GPS user who requires GPRS Data to supply a traffic service etc.

What is different from the other similar devices is that the Eten M500 is sold SIM free so you can connect it to any GSM network you want to. As a result there is no contract subsidy for the phone but it is being sold at a very attractive price which compares well with other top end PDAs.

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