TomTom Navigator 5 (Palm and Pocket PC) Review
Date: Monday, March 14 @ 09:47:55 UTC

As we announced at CeBit, TomTom will in the next couple of months be releasing an update to TomTom Navigator 3 called TomTom Navigator 5. As with the previous TomTom GO 5 Review and the TomTom Mobile 5 Review, we can now release a review for the TomTom Navigator 5 (Palm and Pocket PC).

This review covers both TomTom Navigator 5 for the Pocket PC and TomTom Navigator 5 for the Palm OS. This review does not cover the new TomTom Bluetooth GPS Receiver or any other hardware at the time of writing this review, hardware reviews will come later when we receive hardware review samples.

The full review is available here.

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