Tsunami - Changing the Earth's rotational speed
Date: Wednesday, December 29 @ 16:24:27 UTC

Following on from the worlds worst Tsunami's with a death toll figure furiously approaching 80,000, US based scientists from the Geological Survey (USGS) have said "the quake that set off the wall of water had moved tectonic plates beneath the Indian Ocean by up to 30 meters (100 feet), causing the Earth to wobble on its axis and permanently shortening the day by a fraction of a second. " which is a quote from Reuters. Science.orf.at in a Google Translation also says "The heavy earthquake before the coast of Sumatra has substantial geological effects. Thus the tectonic plates under the Indian ocean did not only shift experts according to around approximately 30 meters. Also the earth rotation could accelerate itself around three microseconds per day". This could adversley affect the Earth, satellites and GPS over a long period of time.

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