i.Trek CF GPS XT2.0.2 Review
Date: Wednesday, November 03 @ 20:33:43 UTC

Semsons are known more in North America rather than Europe as this is where their online store is physically located and have their own badged brand of GPS products called i.Trek. We reviewed the i.Trek Mouse back in October 2003 and Semsons have recently sent us the new i.Trek Compact Flash GPS Receiver for review with XTrac 2.0.2.

The i.Trek Personal Navigation System (as it's called) comes complete with a Compact Flash GPS Receiver running SiRF XTrac v2.02. For those of you who do remember our Holux GM-270U review, it does look extremely similar to a Holux GM-270 Plus, that's because it is. However it does have one major different, it comes complete with the latest XTrac v2.0.2 software for greater sensitivity.

The full review is available here.

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