Blue Motorways Return (Sort Of...)
Date: Wednesday, February 19 @ 18:34:53 UTC
Back in August last year I had a bit of a moan about Google changing their mapping colour scheme to predominantly orange. It still annoys me to this day when I'm managing the speed camera submissions; a submission on an orange road means I have to zoom out and see if it's an A road or a motorway to validate the speed - it was so much easier when motorways were blue and A roads were green.

If, like me, you still long for the days when the submission maps used nationally recognised colours for their roads then rejoice with me for your days of longing are over! Sadly, Google have not officially returned the proper colours but, with a bit of jiggery-pokery (and the great idea of Optimap by Mark Groodge) we now have real map colours back on the POI and Speed Camera submission maps! Real colours are selected by default but you can easily change to the Google-Orange scheme by selecting 'Map' in the top right.

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