Feel The Love With CompeGPS and Sygic Offers
Date: Thursday, February 13 @ 09:44:26 UTC

If your better half hasn't already reminded you, it's Valentine's Day tomorrow. And what better way to show your loving affection than to give someone the gift of a map or a navigation app?

Spanish outfit CompeGPS are offering 2 for 1 on their TwoNav maps. The TwoNav range of products are specifically designed for outdoors activities (biking, walking, running etc) and you can see the full range on their website. The Vaelntine's offer is for today and tomorrow only (13th-14th Feb) and you'll need to visit their news post to get the required voucher codes for the offer here: blog.compegps.com/2014/02/13/valentines-day-2x1-maps-twonav/.

Sygic's deal is to offer 50% off all their apps on both Android and iOS up to the 16th Feb. Simply search in the iOS AppStore or, for the Android version, head to their website here: www.sygic.com.

And who said romance was dead...??!

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