Reviewed: Infinit Travel Power Pack
Date: Sunday, July 24 @ 21:01:40 UTC

I'm forever running out of power. Gadgets are ever more power hungry and as they add ever more functionality, we become ever more reliant upon them and use them more and more.

Re-chargeable battery packs are a common solution and there are many different versions available. As always, there is a trade-off. The balance between capacity and portability is an important one. There is little point having a solution that can re-charge all your devices 50 times if it's the size and weight of a car battery and there is no point in having a solution that dies before re-charging even one device.

And so we have here the solution provided by the guys at Infinit whose product portfolio includes the rather good Solar Backpack that we reviewed last year. Infinit's answer is a small 5,000 mAh battery pack, a little wider than a pack of cards and weighing in at a svelte 270g. It's small enough to be pocketable yet has enough oomph to re-charge an iPhone from flat to full more than three times.

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