Build your own GPS Satellite - Build & Win A Subscription
Date: Friday, October 02 @ 14:52:04 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comHave you ever fancied your own GPS Satellite? Well perhaps not but how about a model of these amazing pieces of technology.

Oribiting at a height of 12,000 miles (to put that into perspective, the space shuttle occupies an orbit of less than 200 miles!) the GPS Satellites beam a signal that can be picked up by your GPS with a timing accuracy of millionths of a second!

Baseband Technologies, a canadian GPS Software Consultancy, have produced a great .pdf build guide to make your very own GPS Satellite out of paper and card.

The model is not some child's project either, recreating the design of a Block III GPS very accurately. All you require is access to a colour printer and some basic materials to build a 10" tall model.

So who has the craft skills necessary to build one? Have a go, post images of your efforts and we'll award a one year speedcam subscription to the best.

The instructions are here and the plans here.

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