SPECS3 average speed cameras launched: Motorcyclists beware
Date: Wednesday, May 06 @ 18:23:52 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comLast month saw the launch of the latest Average Speed Camera system at Traffex 2009 in Birmingham, UK. This system is called SPECS3 and is a (huge) upgrade to the current Average Speed Cameras SPECS1. Speed cameras have evolved: First we had the single Gatso lying in wait to capture the errant driver, then the speed cameras stalked in pairs to catch your average speed, now with SPECS3 they hunt in packs over an entire area...

These systems can be installed as both front facing or rear-facing cameras. Motorcyclists beware: you are no longer immune to capture.

This article explains what SPECS3 is contrasting it to the Current SPECS1, and we also have a video of the SPECS3 presentation made by SCS Marketing Director Geoff Collins explaining the average speed camera systems.

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