Is your Satnav driving you to distraction - Here is one solution
Date: Sunday, November 16 @ 10:21:48 UTC
Topic: We've all had those moments of white hot rage when our satnav has decided to reboot just when you need it most. If you're fed up with relying on your trusty satnav and want to re-assert your position as the boss then Blendtec has an answer (although we wouldn't recommend it!).

To demonstrate the strength and efficiency of their blender range they have become famous (or infamous) for their 'Will it blend" videos where they test the blender using common household objects. These have included an iPhone, video camera, marbles, glowsticks and now a TomTom ONE!

Needless to say I won't give the game away but the picture at top left may be a clue. Click here to view the video...

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