Amaryllo to develop integrated TMC receiver with fractal antenna
Date: Friday, November 07 @ 09:10:36 UTC
Topic: Amaryllo, a Dutch provider of RDS-TMC technology for PND's has today announced a partnership with Ficosa, a manufacturer of parts for the automotive industry to develop new RDS-TMC solutions.

Their first solution is a modular Amaryllo TMC receiver combined with a Ficosa fractal antenna designed to be fully integrated inside the navigation device’s housing.

This solution has many advantages when compared with those currently available:
  • No need to employ the dangly string wire type aerial. I'm sure many of us have had used these at some point and they are not very pretty! The Amaryllo/Ficosa solution is fully integrated in the device housing – no extra wires!
  • The new solution gives a predictable and stable signal level as it is integrated in the PND.
  • The Amaryllo/Ficosa solution is unaffected by vehicle generated electrical interference.
  • No dangly antenna draped across the dashboard/windscreen!
  • No loss of performance when compared to existing external antennas correctly installed and sited.

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