TomTom HD Traffic coming to Switzerland
Date: Wednesday, March 26 @ 10:16:44 UTC
Topic: TomTom announced yesterday that they have signed an agreement with Swisscom to bring their High Definition Traffic (HDT) service to Switzerland. TomTom aim to offer HDT to 50% of their user-base by the close of 2008.

HDT uses anonymously collected data from multiple sources including data from mobile phones to enable precise route transit times to be calculated. The movement patterns of mobile phones enables a much higher quality and accuracy of traffic movement to be predicted and hence much more accurate arrival times which can take account of delays, accidents, road-works and issues such as rush hour and other time of day related problems.

TomTom announced the HD receiver at CeBit last month. Replacing the power supply plug, it contains a Sim Card and the service, which will be subscription based, will gather its data via the GSM phone network. This should hopefully resolve the reception issues experienced by users of RDS services which rely on the FM radio network.

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