NavNGo suspends business with Mio
Date: Friday, March 07 @ 17:50:06 UTC
Topic: Source: GPS BusinessNews.Com
Hungarian software company NavNGo this week announced the "immediate suspension of all business activities with Mio International Ltd., a 100%-owned subsidiary of Mitac International Corporation, as a result of continuous breaches of contract”.

Until recently, NavNGo's iGO software was installed on every Mio device in Europe and the USA but following Mio's purchase of Navman they announced that they would be dropping iGO in favour of Navman's SmartST software.

The actual facts behind the announcement are unclear and may never be known. Certainly Mio's defection to Navman was well known and came as little surprise but the statement suggests there were other factors involved here. What is surprising is Mio's decision to choose Navman's solution over NavNGo's. iGO has proved very popular and is certainly a more rounded and better implemented package than Navman's. It does however appear on satnav devices from many different brands and it may simply be that Mio wish to create a unique identity for their products.

We can only hope that Mio will work hard to bring SmartST up to scratch, otherwise this could be one route they wish they had not followed.

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