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Speed Camera Database to Turn Professional

The positive feedback that we have been getting about the PocketGPSWorld.com Speed Camera Database since its launch over 3 years ago has been nothing short of amazing. I'm sure that all our visitors understand the huge amounts of work that we (but mostly Richard Davies) have put into the application and continue to do so each and every month.

Since the launch of our free in-house POICapture for Safety Cameras utility http://www.pocketgpsworld.com/poicapture.php (a fantastic application courtesy of Lutz Bendlin) the Speed Camera Database is now reaching new improved levels of accuracy.

We received the following bit of feedback on POICapture from an attendee of The PocketGPSWorld.com Event held in November: "The only problem I had was not being able to find any new speed cameras on the run home 330 miles (ish) and every camera I passed was spot on which also speaks highly of the quality data the site provides So I never got to try the new application I am sure it will be used over the coming weeks."

In fact this gentleman could have used the application as we are now encouraging everyone to also report every existing camera (it is very easy to use) so we can repeatedly confirm locations. We hope also to be able to professionally develop even further systems to verify every UK camera location ensuring data accuracy as near to 100% as possible. We foresee us covering other European countries in the future as well.

To introduce the first stage in the 'professionalisation' of the Speed Camera Database we asked many of our 750 visitors at the PocketGPSWorld.com Basingstoke Event to complete a feedback form. This form included questions as to a possible future fair charging system for the downloads. Some said they were in favour of a yearly fixed charge for unlimited downloads and some were opposed to any charge at all. However, the overwhelming majority of the 100s that completed the form agreed that a charge of 2.00 per download was reasonable.

Charging 2.00 per download will not only facilitate our very first full-timer, but eventually allow professional physical checking (through sampling) of the camera positions.

The team have thought long and hard about this decision and have decided if we are to turn PocketGPSWorld.com from a "hobby site" (run on a part-time only basis by enthusiasts with full-time jobs) into a professional company that offers a professional service, we need a full-timer on board.

This is where Mike Barrett steps up to the plate...

Click here to read the full message and discuss...

Posted on Monday, December 19 @ 12:20:59 UTC by mike barrett

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