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SiRFstarIII is out, let the games begin!

SiRF has announced its new flagship SiRFstarIII architecture, representing a significant increase in GPS performance, and enhancing the user experience for location based services (LBS). With its rapid time-to-first-fix and high sensitivity, the SiRFstarIII architecture is designed to meet the rigorous demands of wireless and handheld LBS applications, and provides superior location performance, both indoors and out, for 2G, 2.5G, 3G asynchronous networks.

The SiRFstarIII architecture packs a performance punch, achieving time-to-first-fix of one second for aided starts in outdoor GSM environments and acquiring signals down to -159 dBm. This makes real-time navigation practical, including in many indoor environments, through urban canyons, and under dense foliage. Unlike the lengthy sequential search process of traditional GPS architectures, the SiRFstarIII architecture, with the equivalent of more than 200,000 correlators, enables fast and deep GPS signal search capabilities, resulting in significant improvement over today’s architectures that contain a few hundred to a few thousand correlators.

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Posted on Friday, March 05 @ 22:46:19 UTC by Dave Burrows

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